Money – The driving force for every entrepreneur

Entrepreneurial success money

The fact is clear that no amount of money is sufficient to fulfil all our worldly desires. Every entrepreneur needs to have a love of money to succeed. No matter how poor or rich you want more; that’s the driving force behind every successful entrepreneur because success is counted in terms of the money made.

This is not a discussion involving those who are running a non-profit enterprise. There is something rather strange about this money-loving; not everyone is cut out for it; it’s one thing to start a business for the money and a whole another deal when starting it for the love of money.

In some cases, the need for money over time turns into love. This is one of the key elements of what makes an entrepreneur separate from a businessman. They want to earn more, make him take risks, innovate, and explore more opportunities.

Now, the question here is how good or bad can this money love that’s borderline greed indeed be? With everything in life, there has to be an aim, and the aim for every business, small or big, is profit.

An entrepreneur ensures that the profit margin is always on the increasing side; they develop their lifestyles accordingly, and once you’re used to the five-star treatments, nothing can be satisfying.

Also, this fear of loss can lead to more hard work and creativity to achieve the goal of minting an insane amount of money. Some may find such personalities somewhat off and repel because of the air of mighty high power that surrounds them at all times; with success comes many other adjustments.

Money can change the people around you; they may not handle the success factor and start to feel inferior, or they may not be affected by the money and be the same old. Either way, things change, for the positive or negative; it is up to how the entrepreneur wants to handle it.

What drives successful entrepreneurs?

Many creative people end up with a non-profit system; they lack the love of money, the green is not their driving force, and it may be other things like passion or lack of necessity.

People like these have issues sustaining a business long-term, their commitment is lacking, and mostly it’s not because of the love for money but rather the lack of interest in the venture itself.

The entrepreneur may not realize that he is not actually in love with his product or service. Because if you are, you will make sure it’s a success and gets all it’s worth back.

Even though the money may still not be the motive, it will start flowing in considerably if the passion is born. In the end, you can’t sell what you don’t believe in and definitely can’t make a profit out of what is not loved by the owner himself.

All the greatest entrepreneurs will tell you their goal is money and a lot of it; it may at first seem like greed to those living paycheck to paycheck or inspired to have a safety net of finance. But it’s the lifestyle they get used to and want to maintain and improve. Money is the medium that brings it to them.

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