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Knozen - Rate friends anonymously

Tired of figuring out people by just their profile, pictures, and shares? We are constantly looking for fast-forward ways of knowing each other in our quick-paced social networking lives. Knozen is one of a kind app that helps know people by their personalities projected by others.

This app falls into the social networking category and is founded by Marc Cenedella. Knozen makes possible crowd-sourced opinions from friends, family, co-workers, etc., to show the person’s personality.

This helps you in connecting with people worth your time. The app is great if you’re looking for friends or dating someone. It acts as a quick personality review, eliminating the guesswork of befriending someone on other social networking sites.

Knozen founder and CEO Marc Cenedella explain, “We use fun, free, social games, in a unique new way, to show people’s personalities, so that you can comment and share, and let people know what you think makes them unique and different.

This is a positive, supportive place for discovering and sharing personality,” But how does Knozen stand out from the various online personality tests already available?

By using social games, rather than testing or single player diagnostic puzzles, we’ve been able to do something pretty interesting,

said Cenedella in an interview by TechCrunch.
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The idea is to make it interesting for users via animation, excitement, interactivity, and game/level design and blend it with the science of personality aggregating data, generating statistical significance in samples, presenting data to users for feedback, etc. The data provided is anonymous, so users need not worry about rating/judging their fellow friends or co-workers.

The App was launched in 2013 and was chosen as one of the 10 hottest start-ups of 2014 by The Business Insider. It is available for free to iPhone users. Knozen is broadening its horizons since the launch; now, users can invite friends from Facebook and the smartphone address book.

The app will ask simple questions that will produce a personality profile, and this is all anonymous. It was initially hyped and was known as an app for rating co-workers, but Canedella has a larger picture in his mind; the app’s scope goes beyond that. He aims to give the app a more relaxed vibe instead of an agent providing personality statistics at a workplace.

Total users of the app are still unknown. However, Knozen has revealed that the users have answered approximately 900,000 questions; the top 10% of the app users spend roughly 137 minutes on it and invite more users to the app. Expanding to the Android market would up the dynamic of the App for sure. But that’s not anything expressed by the founder yet.

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