Nurse for Surgical Dressing at home

Nurses for Wound Dressing at Home

Portea home nursing services offer the best medical care in the comfort of your home. Now there is no need to visit the hospital for small reasons every time. You can now take advantage of getting quality services at your home from experienced and trained professionals.

Nurse for Wound Dressing at Home

What is a Wound?

An injury to the skin due to a cut, scrape, and puncture or a heavy blow is a wound. Pathologically a wound is a sharp injury caused by the dermis of the skin. A wound can also be surgical incisions and cuts and not only caused by accidents.

What are the Types of Wound?

Wounds are primarily of two kinds such as open wounds and closed wounds. Open wounds and closed wounds can be categorized further according to the object the wound is caused by.

Kinds of Open Wound:

  • Incision– a sharp cut made by a sharp object.
  • Lacerations– deep cuts or tears of skin or flesh causing a jagged wound.
  • Abrasions– superficial wound on the epidermis layer that is caused by a sliding fall.
  • Avulsions– a full or partial amputation of body part not by surgery, but caused forcibly in an explosion or massive accidents
  • Puncture – when the skin is punctured by nails or splinters.
  • Penetration is a wound caused by a knife or any other sharp object stabbing through the body part.
  • Gunshot wounds, made by bullets.

Kinds of Closed Wounds:

Closed wounds are also fatal like open wounds. There are two kinds of the closed wound such as;

  • Hematomas or Blood tumor– It is caused by an injury to the blood vessel that leads to the blood accumulating under the skin layer.
  • Crush injury is caused by some kind of extreme force applied on the skin for a long.

What Is Wound Care?

Wound care and Surgical Dressing is the treatment of the wound by using various medical techniques that are required for the kind of wound. Wound care includes providing local care to the skin by debridement and dressing, applying medicated bandages and compression, treatment of infection in the wound, treatment of Edema, and maximizing the blood flow and oxygen for faster and better healing

Wound Care Nursing Services At Home:

We all can suffer a wound anytime in our and proper wound dressing and wound care for quick healing of the wound is required. In such cases, we would need a nurse to care for the wound with medical expertise and proper training so that the risk of infection is ruled out. One can find a nurse for surgical dressing at Portea who will visit your home at your one call.

The skilled nurses visit you at your home for surgical dressing and surgical care without having you travel all the way to a hospital. You will not have to travel with the pain and sometimes in an open environment; wounds are prone to get infected if not covered properly. This change is further ruled out if you do not step out at all and get your dressing and care done at your clean house.

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