OnHub brings the new era of router efficiency

Google and TP-LINK - OnHub

Technologically advanced everything, that’s where we are headed. Connect everything to an App to control, monitor, and get the best any product can offer. So why leave your trusty internet router behind? This is exactly what TP-Link thought when collaborating with Google in introducing a chic-looking, performance-oriented router; OnHub!

This isn’t any innovation stemming from an inexperienced company. We all take our internet very seriously, and our lives depend on the Wi-Fi quality in our homes. TP-Link is the world’s largest consumer networking device.

They are most well-known for their networking devices, including routers, adapters, switches, and antennas, to name a few. These products are sold around the world. So when they collaborate with already serious Google, we are not going to get a so-so product!

OnHub is designed to bring the latest technology to users at home, aiming at making their Wi-Fi faster, more secure, and easy to use. What makes this product stand out is that it’s just not another router in the market; it addresses the challenges people face regarding their WiFi at home. It’s designed to look appealing, be out in the open, bring less stress as it has fewer wires, a shell to keep the cords tidy, and subtle lighting that doesn’t blink!

Google OnHub Smart Wi-Fi router New First Look 2015

There is definitely something unique about OnHub; Andy Chen, vice president of Networking Business Unit at TP-LINK International, has said; “TP-LINK is the only vertically integrated networking manufacturer, and by combining our proven core competencies with Google, we can reinvent the way routers live in today’s connected homes”.

From design to functionality, OnHub delivers a better and more powerful, easy-to-use Wi-Fi experience. OnHub comes with a unique circular antenna, which has 13 built-in antennas hidden in it that help reduce network interference and improve network connectivity.

The smart software, combined with the TP-Links expertise in product design, helps the software and antenna work cohesively to enhance the user’s WiFi connection. TrondWuellner, group product manager at Google, was quoted explaining; “By working with TP-LINK, we’ve brought together expertise across hardware and software to design OnHub, a new router that gives you a fast connection, makes Wi-Fi management simple, and gets better over time.”

This router is managed by Google On the mobile app, which helps users set it up and manage WiFi easily. OnHub is programmed to help select the best settings for the home and automatically adjust if changes to the network enable consistency in quality of connectivity.

The router also automatically installs new features and security updates; it is also Bluetooth Smart, Weave, and 802.15.4 ready. It has 4GB of inbuilt space, so users need not worry about that either. This enables it to support the various smart devices that are connected to it at home.

Users can control their OnHub router via the App, and also share a password with someone else if needed. Users can troubleshoot at home or away through this companion app, see who’s on their network, or enable a friend to help.

This is a super good feature for parents to monitor internet usage while they are away. You can also see each device connected to your Wi-Fi and which is taking up the most bandwidth.

OnHub is available for pre-order online at the TP-LINK store, the Google Store, Amazon.com, and Walmart.com in the USA. It will be made available widely shortly at retailers in the USA and Canada. The current MSRP of OnHub is $199.99.

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