Top 10 Internet Marketing Tools for Every Entrepreneur

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Startup entrepreneurs know the meaning of budget.

They mostly have a shoestring budget and bootstrap up the initial phase. They do not have the luxury to spend on marketing.

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Here we have compiled free marketing tools that will do good quality marketing for your brand without burning a hole in your pocket:

Chattypeople is now MobileMonkey (June 2018)

Chattypeople MobileMonkey empowers marketers to create bots without any coding knowledge. It is the perfect tool for people who want to create a Messenger chatbot effortlessly.

The bot sends push notifications to customers on demand.

The chatbot works with Facebook Messenger. It can take orders directly from Facebook, gather data about customer preferences, and keep customers updated with relevant product information, special sales offer, and more.

MobileMonkey is now the world’s best Facebook messenger marketing platform which helps businesses to connect with their customers via the communication channel used by over 1.3 billion users which is Facebook. This helps to build chatbots with qualifying leads by leveraging Artificial Intelligence to serve the content users want and helps to grow Facebook messenger contacts.


MailChimp is an email marketing tool. It allows marketers to send email campaigns to prospects, or customers.

Each email campaign can be directly connected to a landing page on your website, thus moving your potential customers through the sales funnel more effectively.

Mailchimp empowers marketers to send personalized emails, sustain a level of automation, offer feedback from different campaigns in the past, and more.

Email marketing is thus a critical component of your company’s marketing strategy, and it can help your business generate more revenues.


PromoRepublic is a social media content builder and posting tool. It offers free templates and over 100,000 visual ideas for creating engaging posts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

PromoRepublic comes with a built-in graphics editor that helps to customize templates. It is also possible to create posts from scratch.

Furthermore, PromoRepublic has auto-posting and scheduling features that allow posts to get executed on different social media platforms.

PromoRepublic has a team of professional copywriters and designers who create varied and unique templates. It offers a calendar with different post ideas for different occasions such as national holidays, current affairs, historical events, and more.

Internet Marketing Tools
Here are the top 10 Online Marketing Tools to consider to boost your business.


Hotjar is a high-impact digital marketing tool. It is highly accurate in analyzing different website metrics.

The tool uses heat maps to retrieve relevant data. It is effective in quantifying the number of clicks that occur on a particular webpage, the parts of the page that has the most visitors spend the most amount of time, etc.

It is indeed a comprehensive tool that gives deep insight into the behavior or preferences of website visitors. Hotjar features powerful and contemporary features such as recording cursor movements, survey tools, a conversion funnel, and more.


Buffer is a holistic social media management tool that helps users manage multiple social media platforms such as Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc in one place.

It is extremely efficient and helps marketers save a lot of time. It allows scheduled posts for each platform in advance.

The tool then automatically publishes your content according to your chosen schedule.

Furthermore, you can analyze the performance of each post on different platforms through Buffer at one location.

Hello Bar

Hello Bar is a simple tool that will help you convert visitors into customers. It helps you highlight your products, services, blog, social media presence, easy call or email options for visitors, etc.

Hello Bar – boosting sales and sign-ups

A WordPress plugin to increase page views and engagement with an unlimited number of pop-ups, subscribers, and A/B tests.

Hellobar logo


Killer content is only effective when it is complemented by stunning images or graphics.

The role of graphics in content marketing cannot be overemphasized. They are primarily important in engaging the reader.

A tool like Canva can save you both money and time. Canva can help you design virtually anything from infographics, and banners to illustrations and more.

Canva – Design your content

A ready-made library of templates for creating graphic content.

Canva Logo


Leverage the power of the SumoMe suite to create compelling share buttons and calls to action. It helps to track traffic and facilitates subscriptions to acquire more customers on the mailing list.


Yoast is a free-to-install plugin on the WordPress theme. Yoast is incredibly easy to use and provides a broad range of SEO optimization features for your website.

It will give an SEO ranking for your page, help you write Meta descriptions, give you a readability score, and much more. Writing SEO-optimized content can be a daunting task.

However, you can make the process effortless by hiring freelance content writers highly proficient in SEO writing from Contentmart, which is India’s number one marketplace for buying and selling content.

Contentmart is home to thousands of talented, professional writers and clients from all over the world.


Majestic is a mighty powerful backlink index with a very deep record of backlink data in the world. It features numerous link-building and backlinking options. It has multiple domains and backlink comparison tools.

Furthermore, it generates data on the quality and quantity of backlinks.

This comprehensive range of tools is embraced and frequently used by marketers across the world. It allows new or seasoned entrepreneurs to implement digital marketing strategy at a world-class level, and generate a high return on investment.

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