10 Workplace Harassment Prevention Training Course Providers

Workplace Harassment Prevention Training

Workplace harassment is an old problem that has been around for a long time. Even though it’s 2020, and we are living in an age when human rights are more important than ever, sexual harassment is still present.

That’s why over 70% of companies today offer some form of sexual harassment training. In many countries, companies are required by compliance laws to deploy this type of training periodically. Even if it is not mandatory, it’s a good idea to let employees undergo the training.

This helps keep employees safer and happier, but it also reduces liability. With a single scandal, a company can go completely under and lose all of its business.

Luckily, there are various online courses you can use to quickly remind your employees about how they need to behave. Here are the ten best online courses to choose from.

ProProfs Sexual Harassment Training

ProProfs is one of the most versatile learning management systems. It comes with countless tools for creating online courses. However, it also has courses that can be imported directly from a large database. That includes sexual harassment courses.

The ProProfs “Federal Sexual Harassment Training Course” offers both Federal and State compliance training.

It’s designed by legal professionals to help give standard sexual harassment prevention training and ensure compliance with all the existing laws.

Clear Law Institute

Online sexual harassment training offered by Clear Law Institute is also compliant with all state and federal laws in the U.S. It’s a popular choice for this type of training with over 1,000 companies using it.

Their sexual harassment training is re-released each year. It ensures that all the training information is fresh and adheres to the latest requirements.

At the same time, this makes it easier for employees to go through the process every year. When they go through the same content repeatedly, they won’t be that engaged with their learning.

Compliance Training Group

The Compliance Training Group helps companies deal with compliance issues, including sexual harassment and prepares their employees for the workplace. They offer different training delivery methods, including:

  • Online training
  • On-site training
  • Webinars
  • One-on-one education

Most specifically, their programs are focused on compliance and evaluating potential risks companies face. If you want to ensure there is no liability on the organization’s side, this is the right option.

Inspired Learning

Inspired Learning offers its own iLMS, short for Inspired Learning Management System. It was designed to provide scalable training for different business needs.

Here, scalability means in terms of deployment as they offer online training, instructor-led training, or both.

This course isn’t suitable for smaller organizations. It’s an enterprise-level LMS for certifying and training a large number of employees at the corporate level. They even offer video training for sexual harassment.

The workplace harassment course by NAVEX Global is one of the best training courses for both managers and employees. It’s focused on establishing behavioral expectations, educating employees, and ensuring legal compliance.

This course comes in five different versions, each focusing on different aspects of workplace harassment. They have all the necessary content to give employees the tools and knowledge to establish a culture of respect and ethics.

Sexual Harassment Training

The focus of the online courses from Sexual Harassment Training is on providing painless, easy, and fast compliance training programs. Their online courses are simple and easy to understand. Courses are user-friendly and designed separately for organizations and individuals.

If you are looking to provide training for the whole team, this is a good option, as they offer discounts. Training content is offered both in English and Spanish languages.

Find Courses

Findcourses is a robust online learning platform similar to Udemy. They offer professional training courses in different areas and include sexual harassment training as well. It’s generally a good platform, but some courses aren’t up to the standards.

You need to pay attention to who prepared the course and do a bit of research. Simply put, you can find a sexual harassment course that doesn’t provide any certification.


Traliant has taken an innovative approach to providing sexual harassment compliance training. Employees are often bored with any compliance training, but they need to take it seriously.

Traliant offers small-sized training episodes that are designed like news. They also include various scenarios and best approach examples.

All the courses are divided into small pieces that don’t take a lot of time and won’t put a strain on your employees.

BIS Training Solutions

BIS Training Solutions offer their learning management system “BIStrainer” focused on safety. It comes with a variety of courses based on sexual harassment training for individual employees, supervisors, and whole companies.

The LMS has a great competency validation system that can assess someone’s decision-making in different sensitive situations. That can help you evaluate whether an individual understands how they need to act in the workplace.

Trupp HR

Trupp HR is a single platform where companies can outsource most of their HR needs. And that includes sexual harassment training. Companies can simply choose a sexual harassment course that fits their needs the most.

On top of that, Trupp HR gives customers the option to personalize training courses or adjust them to their brand and culture. Their online courses are interactive, visually appealing, and easy to use.

Over To You

In a climate where harassment and non-compliance can cost companies a fortune, you need to take proactive steps to prevent adverse outcomes. At the same time, investing in employee training helps you develop a strong company culture.

Having the right ethics within your workforce can only benefit your business. With online technologies, it’s now easier than ever to tap into valuable training resources and get the professional help you need.

Carefully consider all these course providers before making a decision. It’s important to ensure that they can give you the exact training content your employees need.

Workplace sexual harassment training courses
Workplace Harassment Prevention Training Course Providers.

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