Orlando’s open for business – 4 reasons why

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With Walt Disney World, Universal Studios, and the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, theme-park capital Orlando has captured the imaginations of US holidaymakers and bolstered its economic clout.

But beyond rollercoaster flights of fantasy, there are many other reasons why investors are keeping eagle eyes on this central Florida moneymaking hotspot.

If you’ve got funds to invest wisely or launch your own enterprise, Orlando’s open for business – here are four reasons why.

1. Booming business

Business is booming in Orlando – the Milken Institute recently ranked the city’s metropolitan area (including Orange, Seminole, Lake and Osceloa counties) the seventh best-performing among large US cities.

It compares favorably with competitors for job and wage growth and 2018 is the second consecutive year it’s ranked in the national top 10.

If you want to find out more about why the city’s such a seedbed for enterprise, contact the Orlando Economic Partnership to research investment opportunities in specific sectors.

2. Ambassador program

Panhandling can be a problem for business owners and, while business owners can be sympathetic to those who find themselves on the streets, its aggressive strains can be a turnoff for customer footfall.

But mynews13.com reports that in the past few months, the progressive Ambassador Business Program has helped reduce vexatious panhandling and connect homeless people with useful local support resources.

The friendly yet firm ambassadors are easy to spot in their hi-vis yellow and grey uniforms and are helping to make Orlando more open and accessible to all.

3. Tech investment

Orlando’s a particularly promising location for the tech – so it could be a commercial sweet spot to back an emerging startup or introduce your cutting-edge products and services to an appreciative market.

The Orlando Business Journal recently reported a large increase in venture capital activity, with cloud-based enterprise management firm CareStack and online payment processing company Fattmerchant securing $16 million and $10.5 million respectively.

When you want to inject capital into up-and-coming tech firms, find active proposals from promising firms on floridainvestmentnetwork.com – it’s updated daily.

4. Airport

If you’re involved in import and export, Orlando International Airport (MCO) is perfectly placed for cargo flying in and out of the US. It’s four hours closer to the rest of the nation than competing south Florida hubs, has a thriving and capable trucking industry and capacity to handle new Class 6 commercial aircraft.

And with flights to more domestic destinations than any other Florida airport, it’s wonderfully well-connected for business travelers who want to pitch ideas in neighboring states or invite VIP guests to events.

When you’re taking a short business trip from the airport, getting there in your car might be the most convenient option, and you can book bargain Orlando MCO airport parking options at Looking4.com.

So there are four fantastic reasons why Orlando’s open for business – they should fuel your ambitions to make hay while the sun shines in the state of Florida.

Are you an Orlando businessperson? Share your sage advice in the comments section.

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