10 Essential Marketing Analytics You Can Only Get with Automation

Marketing and Analytics go hand in hand. Analytics is helpful for implementation, assessment and to regulate the marketing strategy. It helps to define the usefulness of the marketing strategy and tracks the marketing reports accurately. It determines the number of clicks, impressions, and conversions of every marketing effort.

Using forms in websites play a major role in data collection. Form analytics helps you to reduce the burden and build a strategy that works efficiently.

Forms are essential while working on conversion goals. They are helpful in calculating the number of insights. For example, the number of people who have read the form, the response rate, the bounce rate, fields that are ignored or answered and many other data can be calculated. Knowing these insights would help you to improve the forms for better conversion rates, submission and most importantly the user experience.

10 Essential Marketing Analytics tools that work with automation

1. Zuko

Zuko by FormISIMO is an advanced product that is developed for companies that rely on data. This tool has a lot of features and it comes with a quick alert system that warns whenever there is a problem with a form, event tracking, data segmentation or more. Along with other marketing analytics, Zuko is efficient in monitoring the usage of form on the website. It monitors the user actions on every session and aids in improvement.

2. Woopra

If you are looking for a Form analytics tool that can track the traffic at every point, Woopra is all you need. From customer growth to customer experience, Woopra has advanced features that can track multiple performance levels of the forms. Available in different plans, it allows the marketing lead to analyze the forms and come up with new ideas and solutions.

3. HubSpot

HubSpot has forms that are suitable for traffic analysis. Through HubSpot, businesses can integrate the forms and easily track the performance of the website, analyze the results. The tool helps in organizing the submission of forms within a specific duration. One can get information such as a number of conversions, the name of lead, time and date of conversion etc.

4. Hotjar

If you are after a tool that provides feedback along with analytics and data, Hotjar is the best choice. This tool provides you with the proper insight into the forms. You can get detailed reports of customer usage, device details (mobile, desktop) and more. This tool also helps in tracking the number of people who visited the site. With definite analysis features, you can find reasons for the failure of forms, the experience of customers and more. The free version of this tool is helpful for startups and small business but if you need in-depth analysis, you may have to pay to enjoy all the features of the tools.

5. Mouseflow

Manage or calculate the data regarding drop-off form, blank submission, form errors and other particular fields with Mouseflow. This tool is capable of providing required information about the details and traffic of the website that is problematic. The tool helps in monitoring the interactions through forms along with the conversion and traffic reports.

6. Decibel Insight

Decibel Insight is a tool through which the companies would measure both the performance of the traffic as well as the individual interactions. It collects important data and provides every piece of information regarding the abandons and issues of the forms. Along with many advanced features, this tool is special and popular for its flashback feature. You can re-watch and replay the sessions to track the problems with the forms.

7. SessionCam

Why do customers abandon a form? How to make your forms effective? SessionCam is an interesting and useful tool that helps you know the reasons why customers abandon forms. This tool helps you to study the traffic, behavior of the visitors and pull useful reports such as drop-off metrics, the average time taken to complete every field in the form and more. It provides in-depth analysis that helps business to track the progress of their form and improve the user experience and traffic.

8. ClickTale

Popular for the effective conversion analytics reporting features, ClickTale is also used for in-depth traffic reporting. ClickTale data is helpful to understand the performance of the forms. The business owner can modify the forms according to the reports collected. The tool also tracks the feedback provided by the clients or the user. Pinpoint client, JavaScript errors are some of the features that are useful for business owners.

9. Inspectlet

Tracking the effectiveness of the form engagement is much easier with Inspectlet. It allows you to calculate the number of visitors at every stage. This gives you a clear picture of the areas of improvement. You can work around with the forms and make it better and approachable. It helps you to find out the fields of the forms that are complicated and help you to fix the problems and make use of the forms more effectively than ever before. With this tool, you can improve the efficiency of the forms better.

10. Lucky Orange

Do you want to know more about the visitors, their behavior, the conversion rates of your website? Lucky Orange is the perfect tool that helps you track and analyze all necessary data. You can find out the number of visitors who abandon the forms and many other reasons that make your form inefficient.

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