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WordPress Instagram Themes

Like all entrepreneurs, you are perhaps aware that the idea of using the growing potential of social media to attract relevant organic traffic to your business website has been around for some years.

For many proprietors operating online establishments, it is a convenient way for them to interact with their target audience in comparison to continuing to write up blogs or providing news feeds.

Even you may not be an exception to this rule. However, many experts specializing in the field of online marketing believe you should seriously consider incorporating Instagram into your WordPress website to grow your business.

After all, this popular photo-sharing application has approximately 800 million active users from around the world. Moreover, experts predict this figure is likely to increase even further in the coming years. This is the fact you cannot afford to ignore it.

Reasons for promoting your Instagram content via your WordPress business website

You may be of the view that inserting a few Instagram buttons into your business website can help you to attract the attention of online browsers to the products you are offering to sell them. However, these experts say you need to think again.

They explain the only possible way for you can convert your target audience to become ardent followers of your organization is to highlight your Instagram content on your WordPress website. You can achieve this objective by making good use of popular compatible Instagram WordPress themes and incorporating them into your business website.

3 Key tips for choosing the right Instagram WordPress theme for your business website

Such professionals even point out the following three key tips you should keep in mind when it comes to choosing the right theme for your site:

1. Re-post your content from your Instagram profile to your business profile:

Finding a way to conveniently re-publish your Instagram posts to your WordPress business website without having to do so manually can save you a lot of time and trouble. Experts say this is possible when you choose to incorporate Instagram WordPress plugins like Instagram Auto Poster.

Such features enable you to select, schedule and finally publish blog contents you upload on your WordPress business website to your organization’s Instagram profile and vice versa.

If you are using Instagram as a tool to market your brand products or services to your target audience, you should consider incorporating an image gallery into your business website. For this, you need to search for a relevant WordPress Instagram theme which a convenient photo gallery on a clean layout like Flexi Instagram Feed.

However, if the premium version of the theme is beyond your reach you could use the Instagram Feed plugin to achieve the same purpose.

3. Select the right Instagram Widget:

When you have the right theme, there is no need for you to dig deep into your pockets to buy a separate plugin for re-publishing your Instagram content to your WordPress website. Many popular Instagram WordPress themes have a built-in widget where it is convenient for you to upload and relocate Instagram content to the sidebar of your business website.

Premium Instagram WordPress themes contain certain advanced features that can make your business website stand out from the crowd. These professionals suggest you should opt for the following six most popular ones in the market.

Carrie WordPress Instagram theme

If you are searching for an eye-catching yet multifunctional WordPress Instagram blog theme, then Carrie should be your first choice. Its distinct design incorporates some option that allows you to change the fonts, post reviews, colors, and layout.

When you use it in the right way, it can help boost your organization’s following on Instagram and improve the website’s ranks on the result pages of popular internet search engines. Similarly, you can also buy such Instagram followers, views, and likes with Gramblast.

Alpha-blog WordPress Instagram theme

You may want a WordPress Instagram theme that enables your target audience to notice the salient details of the products you are offering to sell online via your business website. If this is the case, you should choose Alpha-blog.

Its unique design and user-friendly options enable you to customize your website’s layout and colors according to your needs. This is the reason why it is an instant hit among individuals with personal blogs, entrepreneurs, and corporate organizations.

Jarsen WordPress Instagram theme

For entrepreneurs and bloggers who are looking for an Instagram WordPress theme that is classy without being too complex, then Jarsen will appeal to them. The user-friendly templates within the feature’s bootstrap grid allow your blog posts and contents to be adaptive to specific drives.

This makes your business website more responsive to smartphones and can even boost its ranks on the result pages of popular internet search engines.

Donald WordPress Instagram theme

You may be the kind of entrepreneur who likes to share his/her achievements and knowledge of the products you sell to your target audience. If this is the case, then the Instagram WordPress theme, Donald, will not fail to attract your attention.

It contains numerous post styles that you could adopt in your write-ups and bootstrap Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) which you could use as an online personnel diary.

Everly WordPress Instagram theme

If you are searching for an Instagram WordPress theme with a bold design for the writeups you upload on your business website to give it a touch of class, then Everly will not disappoint you. It contains four distinct layout designs with some features to enable you to adjust the sidebars of your business website according to your needs.

Incorporating Instagram into your WordPress business website with premium themes can do wonders to boost its rankings on prominent SERPs. This can act as a catalyst in attracting more online browsers to the products you are offering to sell in the market.

Spending a nominal amount on the right one can even save you the trouble of having to upload your Instagram content to your business website every time. Moreover, the unique features of such a theme enable you to hold popular hashtags or giveaway content for your target audience in your attempt to attract more Instagram followers.

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