Proof Celebrities Are Lost Like the Rest of Us

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You may be tempted to look at celebrities as better-than-average people, but that kind of thinking just isn’t accurate. Truthfully, celebrities are just as lost in life as the rest of us.

Over-the-Top Love Affairs

We all know people who get somewhat crazy when they are in love. Tom Cruise is one of those people. In 2005, Tom Cruise appeared on “Oprah” to promote his film “War of the Worlds.” While on the show, Cruise decided to declare his love for actress Katie Holmes. He didn’t only say the words, though. Instead, he decided to jump up on Oprah’s couch and act like a crazy person.

Sadly, like most over-the-top love affairs, Cruise and Holmes didn’t last. Holmes divorced Cruise in 2012. Hopefully, Tom and the rest of us will have better luck in the love department in the future.

Toxic Relationships

Almost everyone has had bad relationships, and celebrities are no different. Singer Rihanna had her own issue with a toxic relationship in February 2009 when her boyfriend at the time, singer Chris Brown, brutally assaulted her. Rihanna was hospitalized because of her injuries. Brown has had several legal issues since the incident, but Rihanna seems to be back on the right track.

Sadly, domestic abuse is an issue that affects all types of people, no matter what kind of career they may have. If you are the victim of domestic abuse, please seek help.

Trouble With the TSA

No one enjoys having to deal with the Transportation Security Administration (TSA), and celebrities are no exception. In 2016, actor Judge Reinhold was arrested when he refused to cooperate with a TSA screening. Reinhold, like the rest of us, didn’t appreciate a complimentary pat-down.

If you don’t want to find yourself in a situation like Judge Reinhold, keep your behavior under control so that you don’t end up with a mugshot like a celebrity facing charges.


Everyone would love to be perfectly graceful like a beautiful actress, including beautiful actresses. In reality, celebrities are as clumsy as the rest of us. We’ve all tripped or stumbled in front of a crowd of people, but can you imagine doing it in front of millions of people? That’s what has happened to Jennifer Lawrence several times.

Jennifer isn’t broken up about her clumsiness; she takes it in stride. We could all learn a lesson from Jennifer and not get too embarrassed by our mishaps.

Baby Names

One of the best pieces of evidence that celebrities have as many issues as the rest of us is baby names. Consider the child’s name for David Duchovny and Tea Leoni’s son. They decided to name their kid Kyd. That’s right, Kyd.

The next time you are hit with the stunning realization that you have no idea what you are doing in your life, you can take comfort in the fact that no one does. We are all lost, simply trying to figure out how not to mess things up even more than we already have.

Image via Flickr by hang_in_there

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