Protect files with three utility security softwares for free!

With increasing use of USB drives, flash drives and growing amount of data in personal computers, notebooks and laptops, protecting information from hackers and unsafe applications is becoming important for users. Some of the options could be encryption, creating virtual disks or locking folders with passwords. There exist several solutions which are available for a price but we looked at three utility software’s which have been downloaded by lot of users around the world from a trusted source like CNET and the best part is that both of them are available for free!

Protect files with three utility security softwares for free!
Protect files with three utility security softwares for free!

Easy File Encryption 1.21

This utility software comes in handy as it encrypts the content of the file using different algorithms. With an easy to user interface all that the user needs to do is to select and drop the files to the Easy File Encryption window and encrypt it with a password. The download file size of the utility is 1.39 MB. Published by LinSaSoft, this software is compatible with Windows 2003, Windows Visa, Windows XP, Windows 7, and Windows 2000. You can download the free version or buy the product at the below link from CNET:

(Easy File Encryption)

Easy Private Disk 1.11

Another product from the LinSaSoft, this product creates virtual disks on the computer. These virtual disks turn out to be important from the point of view of protecting sensitive information like passwords and personal files when the computer or laptop is placed on a network, shared between multiple users or you are travelling places. It could also be useful for simply protecting data on your system! It is easy to install as the file size is hardly 950KB and is compatible with Windows 2003, Windows Visa, Windows XP, Windows 7 and Windows 2000. So, all that needs to be done is to select the files which you want to be secured and protected and put them in the window that appears. Once the window is closed, your files are on the virtual disk.

( Easy Private Disk )

Folder Lock

Another smart utility tool which offers the feature of locking folders along with encryption is Folder Lock. The high number of downloads over time at shows that the tool has been one of utility indeed for its users. Although the encryption feature is confined to 25 use, this utility tool comes in handy when you want to lock the folder or hide it in your system. You can read more about this product and download the same too!

( Folder Lock )

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