Rising Instincts of Social Media Entrepreneurship

More than the hard labor at the office, it is the commute that drains us with most of our energy. Millennials of today, are wise enough to devour on the technology resources to buy more time and peace.

Remote working with a flexible schedule is the new, trending mode of work. Be it while on travel or on a Monday, people are choosing to work at their ease. Freelancers and remote employees are a part of this privileged, yet challenging lifestyle.

Social Media – Embarking on the Entrepreneurial impulses

Facts & Figures

According to a recent survey by Forbes, 90% of the companies avail freelancers’ services, globally. The world economy is assumed to expand more for freelancers opportunities in the coming years.

Freelancing empowers the Millennials to choose their place and time of work. They are generally not obligated by one company for their income. This allows them to choose the upper bound of their income. The eclectic source of income for the service generated, almost leads the way to a new market setup. This mindset gradually transcends to build an economy (business) on their own with acquired entrepreneurial skills, along the way!

Be Your Own Boss (BYOB)

Be Your Own Boss (BYOB) - Solo Entrepreneurship
Be Your Own Boss (BYOB) – Solo Entrepreneurship

If you are sitting in office & whining for Monday blues & bosses, you are not alone. If climbing up the corporate ladder does not interest you anymore, then you are not alone! If you are waiting for weekends and living on vacations, then it is probably the time, you consider doing “something more”. Millennials breathe on doing something more, any day!

The concept of freelancing and working independently on social media empowers the contemporary idea of Be Your Own Boss. In this parallel world, you owe nothing to anybody, except yourself!

Networking is the deal

Social media is a majestic and ferocious platform for an experience of phenomenal networking. The online platforms like LinkedIn, Toptal, Instagram, Youtube, etc are major sources of connection and have become an integral part of massive business strategies. People are constantly available on these platforms and are open to consuming content relentlessly.

Multilingual Social Media
Multilingual Social Media Promotion

Many people are forming specific interest groups on platforms like Facebook & LinkedIn where selective people with similar goals & interests provide a great audience for relevant strategies and products.

Gary Vaynerchuk, for instance, is one of the most popular influencers on social media, who exactly know what people want. He strikes the right chord. Every. Single. Time.

His complete online presence is sustained by an ever growing, but strongly nit network.

Evidently, the ease of access to millions of people online is overwhelming. This whole idea of networking has comfortably equipped our generation, with multiple ways of developing a business.


The lavish lifestyle of self-acclaimed ‘social media influencers’ is one of the dominant reasons for many to take a shift in their career path.

The studies say that the portrait of life behind the lens on the internet has given wings to many, to break the chains of ‘draining work routine’.

What is your idea?

Business Ideas and Tips
Ideas and Tips for your business to have Financial Freedom

The ideas for building a business are as cliche as making a channel for showing what you do in everyday life (considering YouTube, for instance).

Some Millennials are en-cashing their travel experiences to create a network of fan-base, who regularly ‘buy’ their content.

Some are keeping an eye on the most happening events in the entertainment industry and bring it to people.

Some are online tutoring & thus helping various people across the world with subjects like languages (mostly English, Chinese, Korean, Spanish, and Japnese), Economics, Math, Finance, Statistics, and the list is never-ending.

Most of the business areas present now, because of the social media, were hypothetical & inexistent a few years back.

However, when all the successful businesses, present online, are scrutinized for their reasons, they all end up at one, single point. Providing indomitable value. Be it travel blogs, cookery help books or health guidance, everything brings value to people. Hence, they survive.

A shift in the Office Culture

Besides the fanciful ongoing trends of building a business, the regular ‘office’ work also seems to have hit a shift to the remote-work mode. Many offices are landing on advanced monitoring and collaborative technologies like chat messengers and video conferencing apps that bring a virtual environment of work, at home. This includes software development and testing companies, too.

Recently BBC News has written an elaborative article on this new firm with 900 employees, who literally have no office space and work from their place of leisure. To read more, find the article here, BBC News – The firm with 900 staff and no office.

Home office
Things to care while setting up Home office.

Are exhaustive work-environments planting the alternate seeds?

The science of human psychology says that being in an area of a stress-free zone promotes critical thinking and creativity. According to neuroscientist David Strayer, the cognitive and psychological effects of outdoors is mesmerizing. He says, “it enhances higher-order thinking, restores attention, and boosts creativity”.

Staying bound to a cubicle, in a closed environment with simulated airflow depletes the sense of innovation and productivity. Many people complain about the loss of inventive thoughts after working for the same office for a prolonged period. Millennials have developed an immunity against such disturbing work environments and are looking out for a new sun, for longer effectiveness.

Do you want to become the next social-media entrepreneur?

Social Media Marketing and Advertising Agency
Social Media Marketing and Advertising Agency

Some of the key points to be considered while creating an online market on social media are:

  1. Landing page creates history. Tell your story through mind-boggling landing page ideas. It is the place where the audience takes a decision to stay.
  2. Create what your audience seeks. Else create a need to seek.
  3. People pay for value. Intend to work for it. Everything else follows.
  4. Build your market by providing unique value-added services for free. This way you create a need for your products & services.


Unchaining from a place and people is refreshing. The endless hopes of new inspiration and energy boost the internet-based entrepreneurship. Also, the endless scope on the internet for literally anything useful gives an immense latitude of freedom to the Millennials. Having said this, the reduced cost of investment in office space and personnel also gives a brief of relief for the newcomers.

All in all, everyone is allowed to dream big on the scale of entrepreneurship, under the light of social media.

Social media entrepreneurship: Millenials hope.
Social media entrepreneurship: Millenials-hope

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