If You’re Serious About Your Game, You Need to be Serious About Your Monitor

Best 144Hz Monitors To Consider

A decade ago, refresh rates didn’t matter in online gaming, especially when considering the numerous other issues – system specs, connectivity issues, etc. – that you had to concern yourself with.

Today, however, lower hardware costs and better Internet technology almost guarantee an unprecedented thrashing when gaming on lower refresh rate monitors. With gamers using everything possible to stay competitive, grabbing yourself a monitor with higher refresh rates has become crucial if you’re to stay at the top of the scoreboards – and we aren’t talking 60hz monitors either, since that’s already a thing of the past.

What It’s All About

Imagine a monitor with double or triple the refresh rate of your current monitor. With buttery smooth frame rates and almost non-existent input lag, you won’t think twice about switching back once you’ve tested one out.

Thanks to significant improvements in technology, 144hz refresh rate monitors are more than possible, and the plethora of benefits that these technical wonders bring to the table make it an absolute must if you want to push your gaming a notch up.

If you’re concerned with screen tears and other issues associated with blazing-fast refresh rates, some of the best 144hz monitors also offer features such as adaptive sync and G-Sync to circumvent those.

Sizes and Resolutions

A couple of years ago, getting yourself a 144hz monitor might have resulted in a quick purchase due to limitations in variety, though you don’t have to be anymore. With increased competition between LG, ASUS, ACER, and the like, you now have a range of sizes and resolutions that you can choose from.

While a size of 24 inches and a resolution of 1920×1080 is the norm for most professional gamers, you won’t have to look far if you are serious about gaming from the couch – a 34″ 4K monitor should do just fine for that purpose. Software and hardware bells and whistles such as line-of-sight mode, ergonomic tilt, and height and overclock support are also available in certain models.

Preventing Bottlenecks

Getting yourself a 144hz monitor would be a costly mistake if you don’t have a solid gaming rig to back you up. A high-end graphics card and microprocessor are a must to bring out the full experience of your monitor, especially when playing the latest video games.

Alternately, if you can stomach a loss in visual quality, you can also consider lowering the graphics settings to improve performance. Ultimately, it comes down to the hardware, and you may have to plan for additional purchases along the way to bring out the best in your 144hz monitor.

Is a 144hz Monitor Worth It?

Any serious gamer would more than consider a 144hz monitor worth it. Not only does it enhance the overall experience of your video games with smoother frame rates, but it also eliminates most of the latency issues associated with 60hz and fewer monitors.

Just that millisecond of difference might be all that it takes when it comes to proving your prowess on the scorecard and buying yourself a 144hz monitor should give you a huge advantage in that department.

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