Why You Should Share Your Extraordinary Results And Achievements On Your Website

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It makes sense to put your best outcomes in front of your prospective customers. They need to see what you’re capable of helping them achieve.

By publishing your best results and most powerful case studies, people feel hopeful that they might achieve similar results. This influences them to call you above your competitors.

No matter what industry you’re in, don’t hesitate to share your most extraordinary results with your visitors.

We live in a results-oriented society

In today’s world, most decisions in business are data-driven, and people make decisions based on statistics and actual outcomes. No matter how great your marketing campaign is at convincing people to want your product, at the end of the day, people want to see real results.

For example, graphic artists know an impressive logo design plays a huge role in any business. A logo is often the first thing people see when interacting with a business online. Even in person, logos are everywhere, and they make impactful impressions.

This is why graphic designers showcase the best work in their portfolios. Not everyone will have the budget required for their best work, but seeing examples will get them in the door.

Sometimes big results are typical, and people know it

In some industries, like the fat loss industry, publishing extraordinary results from a case study requires a notice that says “results aren’t typical.” However, big results are typical in other industries and should be published where visitors can see them.

For example, most lawyers publish their highest settlements on the front page of their website. While not every case will result in a million-dollar settlement, many settle for what most would consider a large sum of money.

People are highly inspired by success stories

Success stories inspire everyone across the world to step up their game because they want the same results. The best stories make people feel that success. This is done through creative storytelling that puts people right in the middle of the story.

Brett Blumenthal from Sheer Balance explains five reasons people love success stories. The first is making people feel what’s being told in the story. The other four are:

  • Success stories eliminate excuses. In the health industry, we see stories of sick people and others with disabilities, regaining health, and mobility. We see people who lost weight while raising three kids and holding down a full-time job.
  • Success stories make people feel “just like everyone else.” They remove the intimidating barriers that make success seem off-limits.
  • Success stories are more compelling than advice from a doctor. People already know what they need to do. Seeing someone overcome the same challenge they’re facing makes it easier to take that first step.
  • People love stories about the underdog becoming the hero. Seeing people conquer limitations and obstacles is inspiring.

Inspired people are more likely to make a purchase

When people are inspired, they’re more likely to take out their wallets and give you their credit card. Case in point: most people have bought at least one product after watching a late-night infomercial.

Infomercials always present the best possible results and are designed to generate excitement. If the product doesn’t live up to expectations, it gets buried in the garage or donated.

Inspire but don’t let people down

There’s nothing wrong with marketing your products and services using your best results, as long as you don’t create unrealistic expectations for people whose circumstances will cause results to vary.

Remember that you can’t do the work for other people

No matter how amazing your products and services are, you can’t make anyone do the work to get results. For example, say you’re a business coach, and you publish a report that highlights your clients’ increase in income over a period of one year. Those results will be inspiring to practically everyone, but only those who do the work have the potential to achieve them.

While publishing your best results will get you plenty of prospects, they need to know achieving big results depends on their willingness to get in the game and take action.

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