Smart pillow to saves sleep

SLiiP - For less snoring and better sleep

SLIIP is a Kickstarter project that focuses on giving us humans the best 1/3rd of life that we live, i.e., sleeping. It is undeniable that our sleep amount and quality affect our everyday productivity, regardless of age.

The increasingly demanding lifestyles, stress, and anxiety-filled days make it even more crucial for us to have the best sleep we can possibly get. The worst sleep is the one where the sleeper snores. SLIIP is an app that is targeted at providing good sleep for snorers.

SLIIP–Finally everyone gets a great night’s sleep!

This app is a product app; it comes with a specially designed pillow and a mobile device. The start of a good night’s sleep starts from the pillow. How comfortable it depends on the shape, resilience, and fit of the person’s body. The SLIIP pillow is made of a suitable material for all users, the materials namely, duck down, duck feather, and a built-in airbag.

The Duck feather is sandwiched between two layers of duck down, and the strategically placed airbag helps the pillow shape the head and neck of the sleeper. It is placed such that the pillow is appropriate for people who prefer sleeping on their side or their back. This makes it versatile for all users.

The idea doesn’t end with a great pillow; it provides full-fledged recorded support for sleep. From dozing off to statistics, SLIIP is trying to provide the whole package. A chic-looking surround speaker plays Delta waves to speed and aid the process of entering sleep. This is good for those who have trouble in the initial process of getting themselves to relax.

The air quality of the room is also positively affected by the release of negative ions. Since it is only deep sleep that helps recover from mental and body fatigue, SLIIP provides users with the whole experience.

A system to sleep well - SLiiP
A system to sleep well – SLiiP

Now, what does the App actually do? SLIIP helps control the sleep cycle; the sensors record sleep length every night and wake up the user when they are at the light stage of sleeping in the morning. Alarms can also be set; this takes away the anxiety of having your phone around, which distracts you and gets you into the draining workday just at a glance.

The sleep data that is recorded vary from the length, time, air condition, etc. Based on this data, it derives a score that indicates the quality of your sleep. This, in turn, helps users modify their sleep and is also great for sharing with your doctor or family.

Apart from all those sleep analyzing features, SLIIP also is a touch-based night lamp, blue-tooth speaker, USB charging base, and so on. It basically provides you with more than just its main objective.

This is a tricky product; you can’t know how it would benefit you till you try it yourself. Investing in sleep sounds like a big decision rather, especially if you truly do have an issue with snoring or sleep.

How much would a pillow really help? Several medical pillows are available in the market for people who have issues with falling asleep or finding a comfortable pillow position. “Smart” pillows are a stretch,

The standard SLIIP kit, which includes one console and pillow, would retail at $249, the couple SLIIP pack costs $469, which would include two “smart” pillows and two consoles, and for $1000, a family SLIIP pack can be purchased which would include 5 consoles and 5 “smart” pillows. The project is 15 days away from concluding its bid on Kickstarter.

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