How To Stay Updated as a Software Developer in 2019

Stay updated as software developer

Being a custom software developer in India or any part of the world requires you to stay updated with new technical skills and updates that are popular in the market. However, taking this more like a requirement can make practicing boring.

Rather you should keep yourself curious about the new evolving technologies in the markets. Keeping your skills sharp will allow you to stay updated about the happenings of the industry which will keep you ahead of the competition.

Even if you’re part of a software developers team and not working as an independent developer, staying up to date with the market trends is crucial to your progress. Once you’ve your mind set on learning new skills and technologies, the next question that comes to mind is how to approach the learning curve despite being busy all day working on different projects. In order to help you with the best ideas and resources along these lines, we have compiled a list of tips below.

Tips to stay updated as a software developer

Make Time to Grow

You might differ from other people in terms of many things but the one thing that stays constant for all of us is the amount of time we get in a day. Rather than ranting about your busy schedule, you need to realize the fact that in order to grow, you need to make time for important things.

Making time involves setting up a routine, creating a calendar, analyzing your learning goals and making plans according to these goals. In order to grow as a developer, the first and most important thing to utilize is your time. You need to make a schedule that sets you apart for learning and staying updated as per the time you dedicate.

Utilize Social Media

Today’s age is the age of social media. Period. In order to stay updated on the latest news and happenings all around the world, people turn to social media even before they turn to the news. Therefore, it is important for you to keep a grip on social media channels to stay updated.

Many people discourage the use of social media by thinking of it as a time-consuming activity which is true to an extent but the idea is to learn to utilize social media for your own good in the right manner. If you do not wish to dedicate a lot of time to social media sites, you can simply filter relevant news and information through mediums like hashtags, trending news, etc.

This way, you’ll be able to skim through the content quickly while paying attention to only what seems interesting to you. You can also set a fix duration of time to work on social media if you feel that it can be distracting for you.

Attend Conferences

A developer’s job involves sitting for long hours and working on multiple projects at one time. Due to such routine, developers often consider themselves as non-interactive and tend to socialize and network on a limited scale. However, as much as the practical implementation of projects helps in increasing knowledge levels, networking can work wonders in many cases too.

Considering the example of people working in the sales and marketing domain, you might have observed their confidence and strong network. One of the main reasons behind this is their attitude towards networking. As a developer, you must be open to attending conferences and tradeshows for learning new insights from the industry and network with like-minded people.

Apply for Online Courses

In this new era of technology, nothing is unachievable. For example, if you want to order food, you get to do that instantly by just pressing a few clicks on your smartphone or if you wish to buy any other product from an e-commerce store, you can order it directly and get it delivered to your doorstep. The same concept runs for learning new things as well.

The intersection of technology and new business ideas has brought forward many businesses that offer online training and courses on paid and free basis. All you need to have is a stable internet connection and the willingness to learn.

Many websites even offer online video lessons in order to save you time. Moreover, some of the courses also provide certifications upon completion which can be added to your CV for showcasing your skillset in a better manner.

Read Books

Not that this idea has not come forward before but reading books is one of the best ways to learn things. While online courses and websites are great options for learning things in a fast and efficient manner, reading books has its own perks.

The most important benefit that you receive from reading books is that the chances of distractions are very few. When companies are searching to hire software developers in India, they often look for extra knowledge factors other than coding capabilities. Reading helps you grow in an overall manner.

While reading online, you are prone to distractions in the form of ads, links to other sites, etc. This can make the learning process inefficient at times. On the other hand, when you read books, the chances of getting distracted are way less. Moreover, reading books can also allow you to utilize your time in a better way.

Stay Open to Experimentation

Gaining knowledge from different resources is a great option but it makes sense only if you can make use of this knowledge by implementing it successfully. As a dedicated software developer who aims to grow and progress with upcoming technology, you need to practically implement your learnings. In order to apply your learning, you must stay open to experimenting with different technologies and coding formats.

The best-suited way to bring this to reality is to work on custom software development projects with the software developers’ team. This will be helpful for your growth as a custom software developer. You can also take on some freelancing projects willingly for the sake of learning new concepts.


Being a successful software developer requires to be a lot more than just being a coder. You must be aware of the latest technologies and updates in the markets. While no company will compel you to learn more but if you do make an effort on your end, you can achieve individual growth. And in the competitive era of today, achieving growth is what matters the most.

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