Staying afloat during adversity

Staying afloat during adversity

Good times must come to an end. Well, true indeed, for if they continue forever, then we won’t be mortals anymore bound to suffer in this world! Tough times much like an economic cycle come in every individual’s life. It is during such times that the ambit of optimism shrinks and choices recede like floodwaters.

Chaos prevails at different levels – at work, in markets, and globally too. During such times staying afloat becomes the order of the day when herd mentality sets in among the multitude.

But is staying afloat as easy as it is to pen it down? Maybe not. When the world around is falling like a pack of cards, it is difficult to hold the fort. Perhaps what is needed is not one straw but ‘several straws’ which will help one stay afloat. The grass for sure does look greener on the other side every second during the tough times. But is it because it is green or because we perceive it as green?

The debate could continue endlessly on the above question but what needs to be thought about is how to weather such times and stay afloat. During adversity, tides turn against things that were favored by the masses till then. This leads to an exodus towards other emergency measures which creates panic and pandemonium. However, the thing to be kept in mind is such times are just a temporary phase.

During such times, it would be better to settle for things that one wished to do over a period of time but relegated to the periphery. All the same, stay focused on one’s goals and not lose track of the developments around as it does not take time for things to change. Staying motivated is another way to weather the storm.

One could seek motivation in their hobbies and keep sight of their goals as well. This would help them to channelize the energy rather than allowing it to pile and cause frustration. All this while what is essential is one would need to convince oneself that tough times too pass just like a storm which does not last for eternity.

Tough times make tough individuals but only out of those who survive them! So, survival is the primary prerogative followed by focus and patience.

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