6 Ways to Overcome Burnout and Stay Motivated

Steps to Staying Self Motivated

Burnout is a state of mind where one feels physically, mentally, and emotionally drained of energy. This is a phase that often occurs at work, at school, or wherever you have a big project to handle.

It is a natural phenomenon, but it can be identified and managed. We have curated 6 effective ways to overcome burnout and stay motivated.

According to Big Self School, burnout usually occurs in 5 phases. It is important to identify and understand in which phase you belong.

The honeymoon phase 

The honeymoon phase is where you feel motivated, excited, and enthusiastic about a new work assigned to you. There is an abundance of creativity that will flow, followed by a decent amount of work stress. However, one feels productive satisfaction and motivation about the job.

Ways to cope with stress
How to prevent and reduce stress.

Beginning of stress

Next arrives the stress. This is the period where one gradually starts feeling exhausted day by day. Anxiety, fatigue, loss of appetite, improper sleep, difficulty focusing, and low productivity are felt.

Advanced stress stage

This is the stage where the stress you have been experiencing earlier becomes chronic. Advanced stage stress is living under stress for a prolonged period of time, along with intense effects. One may feel angry, experience physical fatigue, rely on alcohol or drugs., procrastinate even the smallest tasks, and have a hard time reaching deadlines.

The burnout stage

This stage is the condemning stage. This is where one adapts to the stress as well as the changes caused by the stress. This will cause a behavior change, cutting social interactions, insecurities, feeling lonely and physical fatigue and pain like headaches, stomachaches, and weakness.

Prolonged burnout

Finally, this is the most extreme stage of burnout. This is where one falls into an interminable burnout, which causes it to become like a sort of habit. The mind is constantly depressed, and the physical self is exhausted. This causes the arrival of depression and burnout syndrome.

Ways to overcome burnout and stay motivated

You need some planning and dedication if you do not want to reach the extreme stages of burnout. Following are 6 ways to avoid, overcome burnout, and stay motivated.

1. Plan your work

The first step towards avoiding burnout is to set deadlines and create boundaries. Set up a timetable that you will not work beyond a specific time. Make time to spend time with family and friends, play your favorite sport, read a book, and hit the gym.

If you make time for your hobbies and social interaction, it is less likely to be pressured by work. Finishing your daily tasks on time will also keep you highly productive and organized as it will prevent the previous day’s work from remaining pending.

2. Take breaks during work

One thing that keeps all of us stressed is the lack of taking breaks during work. It is essential to take short breaks between work hours. Continuous performance of tasks is just going to drain you and physically tire you mentally.

Try to take short coffee or walk breaks every 1-2 hours. Every 20-30 minutes, look away from the screen, and calm your mind by meditation and breathing for 5 minutes. Resume your work with a positive outlook.

3. Follow a proper sleep schedule

Better sleep better leadership
Quality of sleep directly affects your leadership skills.

Sleep is essential to avoid burnout. Plan a strict sleeping schedule and ensure you are receiving 8-9 hours of good sleep. A good night’s sleep will avoid fatigue, lack of concentration, pessimistic thoughts, and stress.

 If you have been missing out on sleep for a while, make sure you catch up on those sleep hours on weekends at least!

4. Eat well

Have healthy lifestyle with proper diet and fitness
Tips to have a healthy lifestyle with the right diet and fitness.

What we eat is how we are. Hence, eating a balanced diet full of all the essential nutrients our body requires is extremely important. Poor diet, skipping meals, and eating junk food will not provide all the energy you need to complete your daily tasks.

Stress can often cause extreme weight gain, obesity, and even extreme weight loss. Be aware of these changes. Spend an hour a day for some physical activity.

If you do not manage to spare time for hitting the gym or yoga classes, do not worry. Small steps like walking to work every day, taking the stairs instead of the elevator, and eating right can help you stay fit and motivated.

5. Keep a positive outlook

Easier said than done. Keeping and maintaining a positive outlook towards all the things in your life is not impossible. Reflect on the meaning behind your work. Set future goals that will motivate you. Keep on a positive mindset and understand that you are doing your best.

Some things are just out of our control, and we expect to change them. This action might be very inspiring. However, it will drain you out even more.

6. Focus on yourself

It is important to be a little selfish amongst your selflessness. Prioritize yourself overwork. Realize that you are giving your best and that some days are different from others. Some days, you will feel productive and enthusiastic, while on the other days, you may feel unproductive.

This is normal. Always understand that you can do better tomorrow. Being harsh on yourself will burn you out even more.

Focus on resolving your problems and issues instead of prioritizing other’s problems over yours. Maintain a journal and write down about what you feel every day just for 15 minutes and see how it changes your life!

The Takeaway

Burnouts can be extremely difficult to identify. We may comprehend it to be just a phase, but it can go beyond a phase. If this phase is prolonged, it can cause severe mental health risks. It is always better to consult a doctor if you are experiencing extreme stress and burnout.

Nonetheless, it is essential to create a boundary between immensely working hard and taking a break. We are like a weighing scale. When we balance our things in life, we are in a state of peace, stability, and positivity.

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