Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery – Product Review

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Finding the right software to recover lost data!

Though it may seem easy at first it is not. Finding a perfect software for recovering lost office documents is not an easy task provided that there are plethora of options to choose from.

Some are even free just to seem ‘lucrative’ and some just take forever to scan the storage media. On that similar line, Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery – Professional is one such tool which can retrieve deleted multimedia files, office documents, and emails from multiple storage devices.

Its Specifications

ProcessorPentium Class
Operating SystemWindows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista & XP
Memory1 GB Minimum
Hard Disk Space50 MB of Free Space
Languages SupportEnglish, German, French, Italian, Spanish

User Interface

Again, installing Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery – Professional is not much of an issue. With a few clicks, the software is ready to bring back your lost and deleted files. The user interface is intuitive and has been designed in such a way to ease the recovery process. I must say, abstraction is the core functionality of Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery – Professional as the menu is outlined perfectly without creating any ambiguity.

  • I downloaded the trial version of Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery – Professional

On the main interface, the software provides several options to recover deleted files, folders, documents, emails (MS Outlook), pictures, audio files (MP3, WMA, WAV, etc.) and video files (MPEG, MOV, FLV, etc.).

Windows Data Recovery - Softwares
Windows Data Recovery – Softwares

Simple and manageable menu

All you have to do is simply select the required option and proceed to the next screen. By a way of illustration, I deleted some office files and selected the option Office Documents under Documents, Folders & Emails and click Next. There’s another good feature that the software offers i.e. if you have no idea what to recover simply click All Data (Everything) and you’re good to go.

The next screen asks for the location from where data needs to be recovered. In case, you want to recover data from an external storage media, it would be beneficial to first connect the media to your PC and then run the software. As you can see in the below screenshot, you can recover data from common location i.e. your internal hard drive, documents, from the connected storage media, from the lost partition and from existing disk images.

Windows Data Recovery Folders
Windows Data Recovery Folders

If you have accidentally deleted or lost hard drive partitions or could not find disk drive, just select Can’t Find Drive option and recover your data from that partition. Furthermore, with Recover from Disk Images option, you can create an image of a media to resume recovery at the later point in time. Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery – Professional is indeed equipped with some time-saving options.

Once you’re done with the location, click on Scan. This is the litmus test for Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery – Professional as it all boils down to the scanning time. Scanning and Previewing determine its performance and the software does not disappoint. Moreover, the software first runs Quick scan and then displays the recoverable files. However, there is another powerful feature in its kitty i.e. Deep Scan. In case, some files don’t turn up after Quick Scan, go with Deep Scan. It thoroughly scans the media sector by sector. Although it takes time, results are more accurate.

Windows data recovery - dashboard
Windows data recovery – dashboard

While Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery – Professional searches for your files, it also gives details such as File founds, Time Elapsed, time left, etc. Scanning may take some time as it depends on the file size. For instance, the software took 75 minutes to scan my E drive (storage capacity of 500 GB). So, you need to be patient while it scans your media.

Once the scanning is complete, preview the files by clicking on Recover. There are three preview options namely – File Type, Tree View and Deleted List. Under File Type, the files are sorted accordingly based on file type. Under Tree View, files are arranged hierarchically and all the files deleted from the media is listed under Deleted List.

Windows Data Recovery - Deleted List
Windows Data Recovery – Deleted List

As I had downloaded the trial version, I had to register the software for recovering my files. Registering process is quite straightforward. Just click the icon (Register Key) to receive Registration Key via email.

The registering steps are easy:

  1. Click Register Option and Online Activation windows appears
  2. Enter the Registration key in the box provided and click Register. In case, you don’t have the Registration key, click on Click here to purchase Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery, Professional
Windows Data Recovery - Activation
Windows Data Recovery – Activation
  • The software verifies the entered Registration key and once it validates the same, the software will be registered successfully
  • After registering the software, I saved the deleted files to my folder and yes, the software does what it says i.e. ‘to recover data efficiently’.

    Putting it all together

    Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery – Professional is indeed an easy to use tool for recovering deleted and lost files. With the intuitive interface and impressive functionality, it is indeed the differentiating force. The software is recommended to everyone who wants to get back their lost or deleted data.

    User Interface: 5 stars
    Scanning: 4.5 stars
    Success Rate: 4 stars
    Overall Performance: 4.5 stars

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