Effective Tips To Keep Your Computer Safe And Secure

Steps to protect your Computer

Computers have managed to make life a lot easier for personal as well as business use. Automation has helped to increase the amount of work that can be done on a regular basis and also helps to streamline operations as well as transactions making them very effective as well as accurate at all times.

However, from time to time there are a number of problems that your computer could face making it inconvenient for you to continue your daily routine in an effective way. When a virus or Malware attacks your system you could end up losing a lot of important information and data which could set you back by quite a bit.

In order for you to avoid such situations it is essential that you keep your system safe and secure. If you are lost and you have no idea how to do this then here are some effective tips that you need to keep in mind.

Tips to Protect Your PC from Virus and Malware Attacks

Install An Antivirus

It is very important for every computer to have a good quality antivirus installed in the system. This anti-virus can help to block and prevent any Malware from entering the system and it ensures that the system stays healthy.

It will also intimate you before downloading any file in case it is suspicious or looks risky. This keeps your system clean and helps you to have a healthy computer that will work smoothly without any problems.

Manage Your Passwords

Your password helps to keep your information confidential and it is important for you to ensure that you choose some of the strongest passwords that you can keep in mind. You also need to ensure that you do not forget your password or use multiple passwords that are confusing.

If you are wondering What to do if you forget your Windows password then you can always rely on the backup questions that can help you get access to your account.

In order for you to keep your account safe, make sure that you do not choose a backup question that has an answer everybody knows. Do not pick questions like your birthdays or your name initials and do not use this for your password either.

Create A Backup

No matter what kind of antivirus you have installed, or how often you update your system, it is essential for you to back up all important files so that you are prepared in case tragedy strikes.

There are a number of different things that you can do in order to back up your system, but the best way to get this done is to use a cloud system. This way even if your computer crashes you can still get all your information restored just the way it was.

Disconnect Your Computer

This is one of the most common mistakes most people make. Irrespective of whether you are using your internet at home or in your office, you need to make sure that you disconnect from the internet connection at the end of the day.

The basic rule is that if you no longer need an Internet connection you need to disconnect from it completely. This should be done in order to prevent any security threats that can enter your computer via the internet.

While most people disregard this precaution, you need to make sure that you go ahead and do this on a daily basis. If you have forgotten to disconnect from the internet on one particular day you need to make sure that you check your computer for any kind of viruses that may have entered the system the next day.


Today there are clickbaits almost everywhere. Every SMS or every email that comes in has some kind of offer waiting for you on the other side. These offers seem very exciting and will entice you to click on the links.

Do not be fooled by these attractive offers. Once you click on any ads or any online deal that you are not familiar with, you may get redirected to a website that has a lot of viruses and you can do nothing about it after that.

Public Wi-Fi

When we are out in public it is very frustrating to use the mobile internet service because of lack of speed. In such a scenario it is very easy to get tempted to connect to a public Wi-Fi network. While you may see no harm in doing this, you should know that there could be someone that could be stealing all your personal information from your computer through the Wi-Fi network.

Site Blockers

Today almost all browsers have a number of security features that are built into them. One of the major features that you need to use on a regular basis is site blockers. These site blockers help to keep away any websites that could be involved in phishing or fraud.

You need to make sure that you block sites that are not trustworthy and block popup ads as well. The site blocker on your browser will help you to block all unwanted web pages.

Download Filter

It is very tempting to download each and everything that is available online. This could be PDF files regarding an online course that you want to take up or it could be the football match schedule for the next season. Irrespective of what you want to download, you need to make sure that you are filtering these downloads.

Even something as harmless as downloading wallpapers could contain a lot of viruses or malware. You need to make sure that you are scanning each and every download that you do and this will help you to keep your computer safe from any kind of suspicious activity.

It is also important for you not to visit too many unreliable websites that could cause a Malware attack. Limit your downloads only to sites that you can trust and that you know will not induce a virus into your computer. While an antivirus can help to keep your system clean, you also need to take a little responsibility and ensure that you look after your computer well if you want it to function effectively.

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