Tell-Tale Signs That Your Computer is About to Crash

Computer Crash Symptoms

To avoid getting stalled by a faulty computer, you need to know the signs that indicate that your PC is about to crash. Many factors can cause the failure of your device, but this does not happen out of the blue.

Computers are designed to warn you of any malfunctions by producing sounds or overheating, among other signs. This post explains in detail the clicking sound produced by the hard drive, possible causes, and solutions of the same.

The clicking of the HDD is among the common problems that computer users will come across in their lifetime. The sound produced can be either clicks or grinds, which both indicate an issue with the hard drive.

Whirring is also another type of sound that means problems with segments of the hard drive, making it challenging for data to be written on it. Other signs that you cannot assume are;

File and program corruption issues

With time, if there is a problem with the hardware’s ability to store data on your computer, files become corrupted. Power related issues and unplanned shutdowns are among issues that could also lead to the degeneration of files and programs stored in the PC. If you start experiencing data loss of files and program corruption, it is time to have your computer checked for possible causes and have them fixed.


Overheating is never a good sign for any device or machinery. Overheating is caused by the computer’s inability to keep cool while in use. This points to a faulty cooling system which, if left unrepaired, could lead to massive loss of data and the computer itself in the long run. Ensure that your device is functioning properly and that the heat is kept at favorable temperatures to prevent hardware damage.

Speed reduction

If your computer starts taking longer than it should perform essential functions, there is a problem somewhere. Unused software taking up space in the hard drive is the common cause of this problem. Clear up your computer and if it does not improve regarding speed, take it to a professional to have it checked out.

Boot errors

If during start-up, your computer displays boot errors, it is crucial to confirm triggers to the same. Hard drive complications and corrupt files in windows installation may the cause of the errors. Re-installing windows may solve the problem or not. Hard disk replacement may be necessary in critical cases.

Continuous pop-up windows

Infection from adware is common in recent times, and it is hard to block out all the sites that may carry malware. Advancement of technology has allowed adware to thrive without detection, and this could have adverse effects on your computer.

Once the hardware has been infected, the pop-ups could overwhelm it, leading to a crash. Protect yourself online using legit software and ad-block to prevent this from happening.

There are various steps that you can take to prevent the occurrence of any of the above. For starters, it is critical to have updated anti-virus software, regular maintenance on the system, and reduction in memory usage.

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