Top 6 Data Analytics Trends to Look for in 2020

Popular Data Analytics Trends

Data Science and Analytics is a trendy field with several scopes of opportunities. We have seen various trends and facilities regarding Data Science and Analytics, and it is not the end.

According to many studies, the field of Data Science and Analytics is going to flourish in the upcoming years.

An eminent personality like Rita Sallam, the Vice President Analyst of Gartner says.

“Data and analytics leaders should actively monitor, experiment with or deploy emerging technologies. Don’t just react to trends as they mature. Use this list to educate and engage with other leaders about business priorities and where data and analytics can build competitive advantage.”

In today’s competitive world, you must keep yourself updated on the latest trend of one of the emerging fields in the industry – Data Science and Data analytics. And to help you in this regard, you can take up data analytics courses.

Here are the Top 6 Trends in Data Analytics

Augmented Analytics

The process that automates the surfacing and finding the best insight in the business to optimize decision-making capabilities is known as Augmented Analytics.

When compared to manufacturers’ approaches to optimize decisions making, augmented analytics is much faster, and it makes the insights available to all roles in the business. It is said that by the year 2020, the trend of augmented analytics will have a force to reckon with.

Moving on with the next trend.

Augmented Data Management

Since there is a short supply of technical skills coupled with growth in data, businesses do need to automate takes related to data management.

As a result, vendors are trying to make data management procedures self-tuning by adding artificial intelligence and machine learning capabilities. This trend is undoubtedly going to have a considerable impact.

Conversational Analytics and Natural Language Processing

According to Gartner, by the year 2021, it is said that conversational analytics and NLP will increase business and analytics intelligence adoption to more than 50 percent from 35 percent of employees, which also includes users of new classes, especially the front office workers.

Also, NLP helps in providing easy asking questions regarding data and receiving a suitable explanation of insights. You can look up the best data science course in Mumbai to expand your horizons and learn more about the various factors that culminate within this course.

Graph Analytics

A set of analytic techniques is called Graph analytics, which shows how various entities, like places and people, are correlated. The application of such technology is a blessing for the detection of a thief, optimization of traffic routes, and many more.

Interesting isn’t it? Keep reading to find out more. You can take up a data science course in Mumbai to expand the horizon of your knowledge in this field.

Data Fabric

The data fabric is a design that is custom-made for providing reusable data services, semantic tiers, pipelines, or APIs through a data integration combination. It also makes sure to enable frictionless access. You can learn this from data analytics courses.


By using Blockchain technology in data science and analytics, it is possible to solve two major issues. The first one is that Blockchain provides transactions and assets lineage. And second, is that the technology provides transparency because of the decentralized network.

So, these are the new Data Science and Analytics that are going to rule 2020. If you have an interest in Data Analytics and want to make it a career option, you can always learn it from popular platforms.

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