Student of the Year 2 Movie (2019)

Student of the year 2 - Bollywood movie

After a huge success of three new stars in the romantic flick of 2012 “Student of the Year,” the director of that movie, Karan Johar, was very keen to launch its sequel. The first part of the movie was a super hit film with everything in it.

Karan Johar, who was the director of that movie, launched three new stars in this flick who have become big names in the Bollywood industry.

The first part had Alia Bhatt, Sidharth Malhotra, and Varun Dhawan in their lead roles. The movie was very much like by the audience, due to which we are about to have the second part launched after 7 years.

Cast and crew of the Student of the year 2

The movie Student of the year 2 is also more or less the same kind of movie we had watched in 2012, but as we all know, the movie is produced by Karan Johar, so you never know what secret add-ons would be present in the movie. The cast and crew of the movie are long, including:

Punit Malhotra as the director of the movie.

Karan Johar as the Producer of the movie.

The movie is co-produced by Hiroo Yash Johar, Apoorva Mehta, and Fox Star Studios as well.

The story of the second part is written by Arshad Sayed.

And with Tiger Shroff working as the male protagonist in the movie, we will see two new faces: the female protagonists. Their names are Tara Sutaria and Ananya Pandey. According to sources, these two new female actresses are looking promising in this flick and can have a bright future in Bollywood.

Then the movie’s music depart is coasted by a few big musicians, namely Vishal-Shekhar, Salim–Sulaiman. You can get the BookMyShow coupon code today to get the latest offers on various things and if you want to save yourself from the website hassles, check out the website of CouponsCurry. They have many options on their website to provide you with a lot of discounts and deals every day.

Release Date of the movie

As per the internet and other sources, the movie is all set to hit the floor on 10th May 2019. The movie has already created hype with some of its exceptionally well-cut trailers, and many dialogues delivered by Tiger are already being used over social media platforms. This has given the romantic flick a pre-start.

So with all the news that has been leaked on the internet. This movie is going to give everybody a roller coaster ride. From romance to laughter to action, the flick is loaded with everything, and Karan has made it very clear that the Indian Audience will like the movie a lot.

Previews of the Movie

With the trailers out on the internet, people have to start assuming the movie to be a hit. And the storyline of SOTY 2 is also out. Although we don’t have a perfect picture of what the movie will be like, Tiger Shroff has transformed himself into a phenomenal character to suit the movie. In the movie, the school will be the same as the previous part, “Saint Teresa.”

But the better part is yet to come. This time there is no inter-college competition, but they still have to compete amongst each other. They have to compete for love, fame, importance, and reputation. But somehow, Tiger messes up with people in the midst of all and gets kicked off the school.

He loses all the pride, friendship, love, and respect in this process. But later on, he comes back to the college; all fuelled up with determination to be the student of the year. He has to fight for his respect, honor, love, and friendship. So, what will he do? We would only get to know about it once the movie is out in theatres.

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Although we don’t have a lot of news about the movie but let us pray that the movie lives up to the expectations, and the way the trailers have triggered the curiosity, the movie doesn’t turn out to be a blooper. You might be very tempted to see the movie already. So let us wait for 10th May and keep checking CouponsCurry for discounted deals for getting the movie.

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