Technologically Upped Sleep

Monitoring Sleep Through Technology

Technology is invading us, it is! There’s no denying that we are giving in to it consensually. We are looking to technology in solving all our problems, no matter the scope, no matter the age.

The new trend in the App land is targeting our everyday life activities, our sleep too can now be added. We discovered pillows, sleep systems, and now they sleep masks! Let’s ponder over a few of the trending sleep masks out in the tech land.

Sleep masks are on another level of purpose these days; it seems like an ancient story when they were required to just create a calming atmosphere by blocking the light. The sleep masks of the 21st century are about monitoring your sleep, improving its quality, providing apt waking up the rhythm, etc.

Napwell is one such sleep mask, it’s the world’s first napping mask aimed at improving the quality of your nap time and giving the best wake-up experience sans sleep inertia (post-nap headache and grogginess).

Many of us need a power nap in our routine; getting even the minimum 6 hours of sleep isn’t a possibility with the changing lifestyles, which is why Napwell was invented. This mask is designed to be comforting for the user, such that they can actually feel soothed and fall asleep after wearing it, the product is battery operated which means you don’t have to bother about WiFi, Bluetooth, or smartphone connectivity for it to work.

Since avoiding sleep inertia is key to #naptimize life through Napwell, the lights gradually wake the wearer up. The overall aim of the product is to improve the productivity of the life of its users. For a USD100$ this Napwell could be yours, it’s available for pre-order, and shipping is expected to start in Sept 2015.

Napwell: The World’s First Napping Mask

Another mask in the market is by FraSen.Inc, named the f.mask, this product is a little more elaborate in its recording of data and is connected to its companion App. The f.mask is focused on providing better sleep in general and isn’t aimed at only naps. The sensors, speaker, and lights of the product are automatically driven by an intelligent software engine that discovers the user’s unique sleep pattern.

The speakers embedded in the mask allow the user to fall into sleep smoothly; the information recorded by the mask (vital statistics, location, and a variety of environmental factors) is graphically represented on the App. The data collected is compared and analyzed and a personalized sleep assistant helps optimize your sleep.

The product however has an 8hour plus battery life, so it may affect the continuity of your sleep, and you’d have to make sure it’s fully charged to get your minimum healthy 8 hours of sleep.

Neuro: On is a mask that is headed toward professionalizing your sleep with its product features. Not only does the mask look like a serious Sci-Fi gizmo, but it also has features that are complex and detailed.

Apart from having the basic features of reducing sleep inertia, and better wake-up experience the Neuro: On is the first mask that can measure sleep waves, eye movement, heart rate, muscle tension, etc. The companion app analyses the data presents it as a sleep score. With shipping, this high-tech mask is available for USD 319 and is available for pre-order.

The bottom line of all these inventions is that life is becoming unnatural, no matter how much of science we inculcate in life to make our natural processes better. There’s a sense of selfishness, that comes with these apps, technological developments are driving us to better living for ourselves, my mask, my app, my phone, my betterment.

It’s a dependent lifestyle and while many of us would benefit from such innovations, and most certainly appreciate them, they’re causing a shift that may not be the healthiest. What do you think?

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