Technology that will change our lives forever

Emerging Technologies

It is becoming increasingly difficult to predict what the future will hold in terms of technological advancements. Still, it does appear as though many technologies will shape the future of the universe and therefore our lives. 

Emerging Technologies

Let’s have a look at some of the tech that could change and shape lives moving forward.

3D Printing

3D printers are one aspect of technology that could have a big impact in the future. Custom-designed and made 3D printers are now able to keep cells alive. These cells can then be used actually to print organs that can be used for transplants!

Clinical trials are already taking place and 3D-printed organs may eventually be able to replace donor organs, which would be a massive leap in medicine.

DNA Testing

There are likely to be many other ways in which technology will affect medicine and DNA testing will probably become a routine part of healthcare. It is likely then that technology will enable DNA testing to identify if an individual for example has a predisposition to certain cancer or a disease like dementia.

It has to be hoped though that technology doesn’t go too far and result in people preferring to have bionic legs that they believed would perform to a greater level than their limbs.

Artificial Intelligence

We have all heard or read about how artificial intelligence could have great benefits and change the world for the better. It is becoming clearer now that the possible uses for AI actually extend past the workplace and home and could even potentially be used in the future as an aid in the war against poverty.

This is because AI could enable better matching of jobs to lower-income workers, identify job skills that are needed, and aid in custom skills training. It could remove guesswork around how it is possible to improve humanity overall and support those who are living in poverty.

Furthermore, this technology is already being seen in other areas like entertainment, for example, online casino Unibet and other innovative operators are already using AI to enhance the overall gaming experience by tailor-making it to the player’s individual needs.

Voice Assistants

Within 4 years it is now expected that most households in the USA will have a voice assistant device, similar to an Amazon Echo or an Apple Homepod. With the help of AI, they are going to become increasingly helpful to a household. Many experts predict that in the future we will see communication with technology just happen through the medium of voice and not text.

Machine Intelligence

Technology is now going to continue to change the future and the way people live. It is most likely that in upcoming years the roads will be full of driverless vehicles, the sky full of drones, and the streets and households full of intelligent robots that can operate and provide assistance in the real world.

Even though there is going to always be uncertainty, indeed, technology is not going to stop evolving and 92% of tech influencers believe that machine intelligence is somewhat or very likely to impact how we experience the world.

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