Latest Technology Trends for Luxury Apartment Communities

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As apartments and apartment living grow in popularity, the demand for technology and other amenities within these communities also grows. Apartment community residents often find themselves hoping for exceptional resources and amenities in their communities, and technology is often what sets luxury communities apart from the less desirable ones.

If a luxury apartment community wants to fall within the “luxury” designation, these are the hottest technology trends it will need to embrace.

Smart Technology

The Internet of Things is no longer a catchphrase. It’s now part of everyday life. This network of connected physical devices creates smart homes and apartments that people can control with the click of a mouse or a touch of a button. From appliances to thermostats, there are many smart home technology items that apartment community developers can add to their communities to create a smart apartment.

(Really) High-Speed Internet

High-speed internet included as a community amenity is now almost second nature but taking things up a notch and adding extremely fast internet is going to draw potential residents. Google Fiber, when available, is a tremendous draw. Apartment communities should look for the faster Internet available in their areas, then weave it into their community’s offerings.

Remote Security Monitoring

Connectivity makes security easier for the apartment community, but luxury communities are now adding remote security monitoring to individual units. This allows residents to check the status of their apartment homes, even while away. Sometimes these are integrated with climate control as well, so residents can turn on the thermostat or air conditioner when they’re on their way home using the remote-controlling app.

Smart Electrical Outlets

Smart technology is not limited to smart devices alone. Smart electrical outlets turn any device into a smart one that can be controlled wirelessly. Plug in a device to a smart outlet and turn the device on, then use your phone to control whether electricity flows to the device through the outlet. Apartment communities can make their apartments “smarter” by offering these outlets throughout.

The Future of Tech in Apartment Living

Most of these items are already in place in luxury apartment communities across the country. In the future, technology will only continue to grow in importance and popularity. Apartment dwellers can expect to see programs like automatic refills of laundry soap and dish soap depending on how many times the appliances run, adding to the convenience of apartment living. The coming wave of 5G will also have an impact on the apartment world, as it will make connectivity even more commonplace.

Clearly, technology has an important role to play in the future of the luxury apartment market. With changes such as these, those who are looking for a new apartment home in the near future will have a large number of opportunities available to them.

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