The benefits of using an email archiving system!

Email Archive System Software Benefits

Email has transformed the face of contemporary communication, emerging as a key component in modern business’s everyday operations.

While the early days of email were simple and relatively unsophisticated, today’s users enjoy a range of innovative new developments that make life easier and more efficient.

Email archiving is one of these advancements, presenting various benefits for businesses operating in all market sectors. To give you an idea of just how advantageous email archiving could be for your business, we’ve put together a list of the key benefits of using the system.

Stay compliant

With email embedding itself as a key form of business communication, the government has introduced stringent laws regarding the management and retrieval of electronic data. Entitled by the Data Protection Act, businesses are required to store emails in a secure archive allowing for rapid retrieval in the case of audits or legal disputes.

The Information Commissioner’s Office enforces the regulations and will not hesitate to hand out fines for non-compliance. As well as facing financial penalties, non-complaint businesses also risk a damaged reputation. Whether emails were sent five minutes ago or five years in the past, a powerful email archiving solution makes the retrieval process easy and instant.

Enhanced employee productivity

Thanks to the capacity to instantly access archived emails, staff should enjoy a significant increase in workplace efficiency. From improving decision-making capabilities to slashing IT tech support wait times, boosting employee productivity is one of the primary benefits of email archiving. In turn, this will enhance the overall output of your workforce and ultimately increase your bottom- line.

Reduced storage costs

Regardless of whether your business uses a free email provider or a paid platform, additional storage space generally comes at a premium. If you operate multiple employee email accounts, the extra costs can soon add up.

Cost-effective email archiving systems such as Mimecast cloud email eliminate the need for purchasing additional storage space. Instead, they store a complete back catalog of the email correspondence in a secure and accessible cloud location. With charges determined by the number of users, Mime cast customers to enjoy transparent pricing and unpredictable storage expenses.

Ease the burden on your Exchange Server

When you outsource your email archiving to an external cloud-based provider, you will be lightening your Exchange Server load, which will increase efficiency across the board.

Remote access from a range of different devices

By storing archived content in the cloud, email archiving systems offer users remote mobile access from various operating systems, including Android, Windows Phone, iPhone, iPad, and BlackBerry. This ensures that employees have access to their complete catalog of archived emails from anywhere, at any time.

From complying with Data Protection Act regulations and reducing storage costs to maximizing employee productivity and upping your Exchange Server’s efficiency, investing in a cloud-based email archiving system is a savvy move for any email account manager.

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