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Every celebrity will tell you that they have a shoe fetish, women in the fashion world, socialites, fashion bloggers all have a thing for the accessory that can add inches to your body and accessories your ensemble. The Shoe companies that cater to the high market love for them are well known. Celebrities flaunt their endless amount of shoes in their closets. Here are the main spotlight stealers in the shoe business:

Shoe brands make money off of celebrities
Shoe brands make money off of celebrities

1. Christian Louboutin

The red sole addiction has taken all. Countless show lovers have confessed they bought the shoe for its patent red sole. It can’t get more branded than that, when someone sees you walk, the red sole pops and immediately hints the shoe brand to be a Loubutin. Loubutin is a man who is a shoe-preneur his success is owed to changing the shoe business around by defying the restrictions on shoes, he said “I wanted to create something that broke rules and made women feel confident and empowered.”And that’s exactly what he achieved.

2. Jimmy Choo

The Malaysian fashion designer Choo Yeang Keat is the heart and soul behind the Jimmy Choo brand. Tamara Mellon who is also the co-founder of the Jimmy Choo brand has much to say about the beautiful shoes the company produces. They are a favorite among celebrities and very comfortable too. The Jimmy Choo style is versatile fashion, the brand helps you express your personality through your love for shoes. They are best to complete an ensemble becoming the statement piece of it.

Tamara Mellon Talks about Jimmy Choo:

3. Yves Saint Laurent

Another favorite on the red carpet are the shoe productions of the amazingly hot fashion brand YSL. Each collection from the brand is carefully thought after interms of sale, design and celebrity appeal. Andmany celebrities swear by the luxe appeal of these shoes and own a large number of them!

All fashion brands that start off with only clothing, diversify as they move forward with their profits. Their goal is to cater to all fashion requirements of their customers, and gain the confidence of them in all their segments. There are people developing innovative shoe designs for startup businesses. One such entrepreneur is Sheena Young, founder of Nael Coce a one of a kind shoe that converts into flats!

Young taps the women’s shoe market in the most crucial light, no woman can stand be in those heels without wanting to take them off. She revealed her idea on the Bethenny Frankel show, and got rave reviews from the show host and the audience. Young was also smart to have patented her idea. She too like Louboutin has given her shoe soul a bright green color you just can’t miss!

Sheena Young talks about her shoe line:

The shoe business is great, and when it starts to get the celebrities on board one can score real high on the money side.

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