The Foundation To Your Preparation Plan

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To stand an excellent chance of sailing through the extensive interview and successfully landing your dream job at one of the top consulting firms, you must start with a comprehensive plan.

A successful preparation plan will be the core of your application. Thousands of other driven applicants will be applying along with you, so showcasing your most impressive skills is essential to stand out successfully. Purely relying on your practical knowledge and experience will leave you at a disadvantage, especially when competing with other equally successful candidates.

The goal is not to compare but to stand out as the best. An effective plan can ensure you concentrate on every aspect of the interview. This will allow you to keep your focus on the skills and aspects of the interview that you need to work on enhancing.

Start With A Comprehensive Guided Assessment

An assessment will offer you invaluable knowledge, guidance, and support as you prepare to take the first step in a career in consulting. Your plan should undoubtedly begin with a functional self-assessment.

Rushing into the preparation plan without knowledge or guidance will reduce the value of your hard work and efforts. Your focus should constantly be on enhancing the skills that need attention while maintaining and practicing the remaining skills.

A wide-ranging plan which covers the entirety of the case interview will enable you to constantly re-assess and continually re-align your focus on the areas that need attention.

To plan, you need to understand what you are preparing for. Understanding the case interview process is as valuable as knowing how to resolve the issues the case interview will present successfully. While the case interview will focus on assessing your business skills by presenting you with a business problem to solve, the fit interview will assess your character and your fit in the established workplace. Knowing what you are preparing for will mean you can maintain focus on the areas of preparation that count.

A Comprehensive Preparation Toolbox

With the right preparation tools, you can quickly find your strengths and weaknesses, which means you can focus your attention on the skills that need improvement right from the start. The resources and tools available to help guide you through the preparation include personal assistance from experienced consultants and a number of assessment tools and practice cases. These resources include:

  • Consulting coaches will assist in assessing and identifying your strengths and weaknesses. In addition, they will offer you advice and guidance on how best to enhance and use these skills. Signing up for these services means you will be paired with an experienced consulting coach that will offer you support with your planning and preparation. Being prepared is one of the key attributes to completing the interview. Still, it is also one of the core contributors to providing you the confidence to apply your strengths and skills during the interview.
  • Other tools and resources include mental math and grammar tools which allow you to practice and enhance your math and communication skills.
  • Real Practice Case Interviews will give you access to real business problems, which will not only assess your performance but also prepare you and give you the confidence to showcase your skills and strengths during the real case interview.
  • With access to a number of excellent, easily accessible resources, all that is left is for you to start putting together the foundation of your preparation plan and work at practicing the skills needed to ace the interview.

Source: MyConsultingCoach

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