The influence of text structure on SEO underlines its importance

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While content hogs the limelight in SEO, another vital element often escapes our attention. Yes, we are talking about the structure of texts in the content which is equally important for SEO.

One can learn from experience that when you create well-structured content, the chances of ranking better in searches improve considerably. Google gets attracted to content that has a defined structure that adds to the ease of reading and makes it easy to comprehend the underlying message.

Since users enjoy the same comfort when consuming nicely-structured text content, it becomes imperative that you should pay the utmost attention to it. According to the experts at Worcester MA SEO, understanding the way viewers and search engines scan text would help to structure text correctly.

The importance of structured text

Staying organized when presenting the content is one way of creating structured text content that determines how viewers would respond to it prima facie. The structure of text must maintain a logical sequence with due emphasis on chosen keywords or phrases that help to drive home the point.

To understand how to impress viewers with the structure of the text and to understand why it is so much necessary, you have to understand first how users behave during the scanning of texts that draws their attention.

The way people scan a text

It is inherent in humans to scan the text before devoting time to consume the content. The idea behind scanning is to save time and effort in reading uninteresting content. Scanning the essential portions of the content at quick glance help viewers assess what the text is all about so that they know how much worthwhile it would be to spend more time on the content.

When scanning text, some portions of the content garner the most attention. Moving from headings to subheadings and having a quick take on the opening sentence of the content is a normal trend in scanning as it encapsulates the spirit and essence of the content.

The Google way of scanning text

The way search engines like Google scan text is much different from the way humans scan it. However, it is certain that Google uses text structure to determine search rankings. The semantic closeness of text that relates to the proximity of related words in the text is a ranking signal that Google uses.

The text you create should support the activity, and you must ensure that the structure of the text remains clear. Similarly, Google pays close attention to headings especially those that contain keywords as it has a direct relation to the topic of the page.

More hints about the use of text structure in determining search rankings become evident from various patents filed by Google aimed at the better analysis of content that has a bearing on rankings. Creating well-structured text has a higher chance of garnering the attention of social media that enjoys lower bounce rates too. Read on to know how you can improve the text structure.

Take care of headings

For improving the text structure, you have to focus on three aspects, the headings, the first paragraph of the text, and the first sentences of every new paragraph.

Create attractive headings that state what the paragraph under it has to tell. Headings facilitate quick scanning of the content that allows readers to gauge whether they should spend time on it or some specific parts of the text.

You can use headers for each paragraph or can club together with some similar paragraphs under one heading that covers the entire theme. Inserting the focus keyword in headings provide more tailwind to readers in understanding the content quickly. Headings help Google to determine what the text contains.

The first paragraph should tell all

The importance of the first paragraph concerning scanning text is that it tells readers what to expect from the text as they come to know what the post contains. Since you have only a few seconds to draw the attention of viewers, avoid the lure of using some teaser that could become a turnoff.

Instead, directly describe the underlying message of the post in short and crispy sentences containing the focus keyword and written in lucid language so that it becomes easy for Google and readers to comprehend what the post wants to tell.

Be caring about the core sentences

The first sentence of each paragraph becomes the core sentence and assumes immense importance. When scanning the text, people read the first sentence of every paragraph to figure out what the content contains. In all probability, Google will take cognizance of the first sentence that determines the copy of the text. It is a great place to insert keywords.

For reasons of SEO, you just cannot afford to ignore the text structure.

About the author: Emma Nicholson is a seasoned SEO expert who has mentored several organizations and SEO companies, including Worcester MA SEO. She is passionate about her profession and enjoys every minute of her SEO experience. Going to the hills is a passion for the lady, who is also interested in adventure sports.

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