The new Fotor Slideshow

Pictures are the core of social media right now. Fotor has helped in editing photos online, and now they introduce their new feature called the Fotor Slideshow. This is great if you want to preserve certain memories in the form of a more memorable form, great for sharing on the social media and saving for future reference.

As a Fotor signature, this feature is extremely user friendly, creative and fun to use. It takes only 5 simple steps to make your own Fotor slideshow, let’s find out more:

Fotor Slideshow: Make Your Photos Move!

Step 1: Sign in- This is new for Fotor, signing in wasn’t a requirement in their picture editing, but now you have to make an account. Your slideshows are saved on this account too. However it’s not necessary to sign in through the website, you can use your Facebook account to connect as well.

Step 2: Selecting the slideshow template- Here’s where the creativity begins. Go through the previews and select the template that best suits your liking. There a total on 9 templates available right now and each of them carries different background music. They’re named interestingly for you to remember what vibe each slideshow would have. The available templates are; memories, shades, classic, burst, piano, vignette, sliders, snapshots and party.

Step 3: Uploading pictures- In this step you can simply upload pictures saved on your computer, or from social media sites like Instagram, Facebook, Dropbox. After selecting the pictures and putting them in order, click on the ‘go’ button to start slideshow.

Step 4: Preview your work- See your creativity come to life with music and effects. If you’re satisfied you can go ahead and save it on your PC or in your new Fotor account. If not simple edit and make changes before you finalize your slideshow.

Step 5: Share share share!: You are now ready to share your slideshow or simply let it be in your Fotor account for later retrieval. The final slideshow can be shred via Facebook, e-mail or link.

It’s extremely simple and fun to do. Making albums and collages is one thing, but to be able to view your pictures come to life and movement with music is great fun. This is also great for surprising a friend, or loved one with a fun mindful slideshow of time together and pictures.

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