The Only 6 Tips You Need to Make SEO Work for You

SEO and Online Marketing

The internet is one of the most beautiful things that the human mind has ever conceived. As internet coverage increases across the globe, more and more companies are establishing themselves online.

Being on the internet is not a problem; establishing a great and effective presence there is the problem. Well, it is meaningless to invest millions of dollars to have your firm online if the results are not reflected in the sales.

The trick in establishing a great online presence lies in search engine optimization. These are simple things that you can do to ensure that your website ranks well within the search engines. With a fully optimized site, people can easily find your website and check out what you have to offer.

Having a beautiful website is a good start. However, this will only attract potential customers but not retain them. What keeps businesses liquid is their ability to retain clients. So how exactly do you achieve this using SEO as your marketing strategy?

1. It’s all about content

Even if you get all other things correct and miss this one, you might not get the expected outcome. People visit various sites searching for particular things. Any site that is able to meet that demand can be sure of staying afloat. High-quality content will impress people and make them revisit your website every now and then.

Repeat visitors help to improve SEO rankings, which is something you want. Before putting your content online, it is prudent that you research widely and go through your content to correct any grammatical errors and to ensure that your content is up to standard.

Essentially, you need to ensure that the links you share take people to landing pages with relevant information. For example, your link should not say ‘how to make a delicious omelet’ while in real sense it goes to a site where curtains are being advertised. Again, you need to be careful about how you include your links. Hyperlinks are preferable compared to plain text promotional links.

3. Optimize your site load speed

In this era of very fast internet, the last thing people want is to waste time waiting for a webpage to load. You could lose out on potential customers based on this alone. Therefore, you can do yourself justice by using tools such as Pingdom to help you calculate and adjust your site’s load speed.

You can also upgrade your website from a shared server to a virtual private network to help you increase the load speed of your site. Over the years, Google has hinted at the relationship between its rankings and load speeds. Taking advantage of that is one of the best ways of improving your ranking on SERPs.

4. Make your content easy to share

It is human nature for people to want to share anything interesting and relevant that they come across. You could miss this opportunity of having your content shared if you don’t have the option of sharing on different social media websites.

Have large icons, which could help people share your link on WhatsApp, Facebook, and other notable social media platforms. Having your content shared on social media helps you to establish great authority links, which is essential when it comes to SEO.

5. Refresh your content frequently

When a person searches for anything on the internet, Google gives the latest content on that particular search. Updating your content ensures that search engines can easily find you. Refreshing content frequently also ensures that you incorporate new keywords that you have researched.

This helps you get good SEO rankings. As such, it is prudent to have regular content updates. Remember, always give your audience the best content if you expect loyalty.

6. Make your site easy to navigate

Simplicity is key in web design. The easier your site is to navigate, the more people will enjoy using it. If people take too much time trying to figure out how your website works, they are likely to get bored and leave immediately. People don’t like complicated sites. Starting from the landing page, it should be appealing with large icons and simple functions.


The benefits of SEO are immense. SEO promotes your brand and increases the traffic flow to your website. By any chance, if a fraction of your site’s visitors converts to customers, you will have all the reasons to smile as a businessperson.

SEO is cheaper compared to other forms of marketing. Paid advertisements can be very expensive and the rate of conversion of visitors to customers may even be slower than expected. For any company looking to oust its competitors, intensifying SEO marketing is a good strategy.

Author Bio:

James Bradley is a digital marketing expert based in Charlotte. He is passionate about search engine optimization. With over ten years of experience in SEO, he can help your firm stay on top of its game as far as SEO is concerned. Feel free to check out his website.

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