The Smart Way to Sell Your Smartphone: Four Tips You’ll Want to Know

A Gallup poll gives us an inside glimpse as to the purchasing habits of smartphone users:

  • 54% said they’ll replace their smartphone when it breaks or becomes obsolete
  • 44% said they’ll replace it when it’s offered under contract
  • 2% said they’ll replace/upgrade when a new model hits the market

Although these stats mostly point toward users replacing / upgrading when the time comes – it also tells us that there is a massive opening for the aftermarket sale of smartphones. Millions of phones will be replaced each year; many of which remain in demand and full of use.

This means you’re in a prime position to earn good coin when you’re ready to replace/upgrade.

Here are four tips you’ll want to utilize so you can get top dollar for your old smartphone:

  1. Clean/tidy it upThere are a few things to protect your data and to make the phone attractive to new buyers:
    • Physically clean the phone (wipe the screen, clean any gunk off the case, open the back and dust the nooks and crannies)
    • Remove apps, backup your data, and de-link any personal accounts for the phone (especially the app store – just in case)
    • Perform a factory reset and encrypt data so the new owner may not have any access to files that may have remained on the phone (follow this guide for Android)

      Remember that you want to present it as clean and sleek as you can – like when you bought the phone – so it catches the prospects’ eye and seals the deal.

  2. Learn its worth and demandYou could…
    • Dig around on aftermarket websites
    • Check Ebay and Craigslist listings
    • Ask others their opinion on pricing
    • Try using social media to direct sellOr…

      You could do it the easy way and use a service like to get a quote for just about every major type of smartphone/tablet/device that’s in demand on the market at this time. Using this service cuts down on the research time and you actually get a quote so you can additionally skip having to even sell to a specific person – just sell it to the company.

      Outside of these easy-to-use services you could always use the former methods and set up accounts for selling. Selling online isn’t too hard once you do it the first time, though sometimes it’s worth it just to do quick sales vs dealing with others.

  3. Ship it (correctly)Do remember that the sale isn’t complete until the other party receives the phone and transfers money to you. All of this means that you need to pay attention to the shipping so that the phone doesn’t break (cracked screen, contacts bent, etc).

    Your best bet is to use a slightly larger box and bubble wrap. Don’t pack too tightly – give it ample amount of wiggle room but not enough that it’s going to bounce around. Also consider verified/secure shipping so you can use a tracking code and have insurance in case it breaks during transit.

    Many have done extensive writing on how to safely pack/ship gear which is well worth the read.

  4. Try it again!The process of selling phones is rather easy when you use online services and take the necessary steps, so it begs the question: why not try it again?

    How many people do you know have smartphones to whom you could help sell and earn a small commission for not too much work? You already have the experience from before so try giving it another go!

    Ask friends, family, and neighbors if they have unwanted phones, explain to them the process, and help them. Do so under the agreement that you take 10-20% and you’re in business.

    Have you ever sold a smartphone? Leave your experience with a comment.

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