The Success Story of Former Apple CEO Steve Jobs

The world today is mourning the death of the man who gave us an all new way to communicate with the world – Steve Jobs! He as the co founder of Apple gave us a laptop, an iPhone an iPad and an iPod and now the latest iPhone 4GS which the world had never seen before.

A Peep into the life of Steve Jobs!
A Peep into the life of Steve Jobs!

Steve worked in multiple capacities in different places before his demise as a result of pancreatic cancer this year! He started off as a chief executive of Pixar Animation Studios, become a member of the board of directors of the Walt Disney Company and then went on to join hands with co founders of Apple. He also has to his credit the Toy Story for which he worked as an executive producer in the year 1995.

In the 1980s Jobs was among the first to create a Macintosh after which he resigned from Apple in 1985 and founded NeXT – a computer platform company specializing in higher education and business market. The buyout of Apple in the year 1996 brought back to it its co founder this time as CEO a capacity in which he worked until August this year. He worked strongly and creatively as the CEO until he was diagnosed with the dreadful disease which took his life as early as 56 years. If we peep a little into the early years of his life we will see that he had many things to deal with even on the personal front. He was born in San Francisco adopted by Paul and Clara Jobs. Although Jobs successfully completed his high school from Homestead High School in California in 1972 he decided to drop out of Reed College in Portland only after a semester.

CNN Tribute to Steve Jobs (Steve Jobs Dead at 56):

A Tribute to Steve Jobs-The Modern Einstein:

Jobs also had also made a brief visit to India for spiritual enlightenment during which he got very much influenced by Buddhism and changed his attire to a traditional one for a while before he returned in 1976 to work with his partners Steve Wozniak and Ronald Wayne. Jobs resigned as the CEO of Apple in August this year although he continued to work as the chairman of the company’s board. He held 5.426 million shares at Apple along with a 138 million share at Disney. Apple announced with immense grief that their much loved Steve Jobs is no more and that he breathed his last in the early hours of 5th October. This was the mournful day when Apple lost an outstanding CEO and the world lost an iconic figure.

Apple Logo with Steve Jobs Credit: Johnathan Mak
Steve Jobs Signature Credit: HandWritingUniversity

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