The Ultimate Guide to Decide a Career Path in 2018

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Should I be a doctor? Or an engineer? Or An MBA? Am I fit for banking jobs or probably become a journalist? This is how confused we are when deciding on our careers. This a dilemma everyone goes through in life in which deciding the right career path becomes so very difficult.

We are in 2018, and in this globalized world, options are many but the chaos to choose the right career remains. We are soaked in technology, and highly aware of numerous fields, yet deciding on a career becomes traumatic. We keep on shuffling between one option to another and eventually land up nowhere.

“Any job would earn you your bread and butter but to earn satisfaction, ‘love your work’.”

In this world of extreme competition, you have to grab your own opportunity and choose wisely. We have compiled for you a short guideline here that can help you in your career decision and enable you to act in the right direction.

Know Yourself

The first action plan is to judge yourself. Know your weakness and strengths. You must know what your field of interest is and what kind of job excites you. Self-evaluation is very important when dealing with career choices.

Ask yourself these questions:

  • What do I like doing?
  • What are my hobbies?
  • What kind of company do I prefer to be with?
  • Where does my knowledge level stand?
  • Am I a more practical or emotional person?
  • What is more important to me, money, fame, comfort, or personal satisfaction?
  • What are my talents and potentials?

Spend some time with yourself. Make short notes and answer these few questions honestly. The first resistance is cleared if you successfully assess yourself.

Educate Yourself

Some motivation and guidance are crucial at this stage of selection. Listen to the eminent speakers whose words inspire you. Learn about the different job industries, their positives, and negatives. Expand your knowledge of the available options. You may take help from the internet or use the experience of your elders and seniors over here.

Choose the right stream

This has to be done by the time you choose your graduation. As mentioned, choose the subject of your choice that interests you. The subject chosen will only become your career choice later. So, choose wisely and not under any pressure. There’s no hurry so take your time.

Students and professionals can also opt for career counseling from subject experts who provide assignment help in Canberra to choose the desired subject. These specialists can mentor you in exploring multiple subjects and know their future opportunities, help you in your subject research, and discuss the job market it offers.

Since they work on assignments for students across the world, they have a good idea of what courses different countries are focusing on, which puts them in a position where they can produce how academic and industry requirements are changing and where the best career opportunities lie.

Be an Explorer

Based on your qualifications, now start searching for suitable and right occupations. Make a list of all the possibilities and conduct your research well. Find out about the pros and cons of that industry.

Search answers to this question:

  • What are the growth opportunities in this field?
  • What’s the pay scale this career option offers?
  • How competitive is this career path?
  • What are the best companies to work for if I opt for this career?

Do your homework well, and prepare a shortlist of the available career resources in advance.

Build your Network

An aspiring student knows pretty well how to develop and maintain contacts. Be active on social media platforms like LinkedIn, Glassdoor, Twitter, etc. to stay updated. This way you’ll have adequate information on upcoming job opportunities, different companies, and their review, and a knack for various industries.

Get in touch with your seniors to learn from their experiences and make your move based on their stories. Know people on the social platform who are stakeholders of big corporate houses, follow them, and their recent updates.

Grow socially!

Build a Career Action Plan

A good organizer never fails. From the very first day of your high school, start focusing on your career goals. Maintain a diary or a note listing down all your present and plans initiated towards your career. Treat this as an itinerary where you have all the connected dots, a map that will guide you till the end.

Enlist all your dreams, short-and long-term goals, and the methodologies you’ll adapt to reach them. Also, write down the resistances you would face in this career path, be it financial, personal, social, or anything else, and plan out ways to overcome these hindrances.

Where will I stand 5 years down the line?

This question gives you a futuristic view. You must know the answer to it or at least have an idea in your mind while deciding on your career. Set your goals in advance, fulfill them step by step, know the real challenges, and be ready to face them. Be a visionary, and take your steps one by one toward your chosen goal.

For example, set your time limit for the long-term goals, say 5 years, which includes your education and training. List down all the possible opportunities you can avail of during this period.

Include the internships you might take up as a short-term plan or some extra certification you want to achieve.

How will you finance your education? What are the loan options available? Etc.

This is just one way to make you understand what actually planning means.

You have to be motivated always and look for opportunities wherever possible. Remember, opportunities are meant to cash and not expire. Always be open to challenges and risks because any path that you take will require a learning process.

A dream job is not easy to crack, so be a pioneer in your career path. Use your education and knowledge positively and work towards your will. A successful career awaits you!

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Kristy Murphy is the outreach manager at GoAssignmentHelp, A site dedicated to providing high-quality assignments to students. She has more than 8 years of experience in writing. In her free time, she loves sharing travel experiences, so that it helps others when they travel.

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