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Internet Facts and Statistics

The Internet as a whole concept is pretty amazing, isn’t it? The way that it has helped us to evolve in so many different ways is astonishing if you sit back and think about how far we have come in 20 years.

Younger generations are unaware of life before the Internet and just how different the world was, but let’s just compare home entertainment as an example.

In the UK Sky TV was launched in 1990 and before that, there was a very limited number of TV channels such as BBC, ITV, and Channel 4, and the excitement as a teenager of having a 5th channel launched is quite crazy to comprehend.

Now there are multiple cable TV channels, online offerings such as Netflix, and many more amazing ways to watch the kind of TV program that you like. The Internet has provided so much more choice than we could ever have imagined, across all areas of lifestyle.

Did you know that over half of the world’s population now uses the Internet? This handy infographic created by Top 10 Web Hosting makes a very interesting read. Facebook alone has 2.2 billion monthly active users and YouTube has passed the 1.5 billion mark.

The power of the Internet is growing and businesses are increasingly becoming aware of how important a strong digital marketing strategy is. In 2018, 90% of businesses are actively using social media as part of their marketing approach.

Digital marketing is also being influenced by the increased usage of voice search, where people are performing voice-activated Google searches or asking Siri to put some music on.

There are now over 1 billion voice searches per month, and this is expected to be the biggest trend in digital marketing for 2018. Another exciting development anticipated this year is the use of drones, with 600,000 commercial drones expected to be in use by the end of the year.

Internet Facts and Statistics 2018 Infographic
Internet Facts and Statistics 2018 Infographic

Internet Facts and Statistics 2018 [INFOGRAPHIC] Transcript

The Internet, 2018

  • As of 1st January 2018, the total number of internet users across the world was 4,156,932,140 (that’s over 4 billion users)
  • 2 billion of the world’s internet users are located in Asia, where their population is just over equal to the total internet users across the world
  • In January 2018, data reveals that 3.2 billion internet users were also social media users
  • As of January 2018, the world’s population was estimated to be around 7,634,758,428. Over half of the world’s population is using the internet.
  • On 10th April 2018, there were over 1.8 billion websites recorded on the internet
  • In 2018, China has the most active internet users in the world, with 772 million users. In the year 2000, this figure was around 22.5 million.
  • Some of 2018’s top Google searches included iPhone 8, iPhone X, How to buy Bitcoin, and Ed Sheeran

Social Media, 2018

  • As of January 2018, Facebook alone had 2.2 billion monthly active users. Facebook was the first social media website to reach over 1 billion accounts.
  • YouTube users in 2018 have surpassed the 1.5 billion mark, making YouTube the most popular website for viewing and uploading videos in the world
  • There are now over 3.1 billion social media users worldwide in 2018, which is an increase of around 13% compared to 2017
  • Comparing January 2018 to January 2017 figures, Saudi Arabia is the country with the largest social media usage increase, at an estimated 32%
  • Instagram is most popular in the USA and Spain, accounting for around 15% of total social media usage in these countries in 2018
  • In France, Snapchat is the second most popular social media user account in 2018, with around 18% of users countrywide
  • Facebook continues to be the fastest-growing social media network, with around 527 million increase in users over the last 2 years, followed closely by WhatsApp and Instagram at 400 million
  • In 2018, 90% of businesses are using social media actively
  • 91% of social media users are using their mobile phones, tablets, and smart devices to access social media channels
  • Nearly 40% of users would prefer to spend more money on companies and businesses that are engaging in social media

Websites and Web Hosting, 2018

  • As of 2018, WordPress powers, 28% of the worldwide web with over 15.5 billion page views each month
  • Apache hosting servers are used by 46.9% of all available websites, followed closely by Nginx at 37.8%
  • 2018 sees 52.2% of website traffic accessed and generated via mobile phones
  • In the last 5 years, since 2013, website traffic accessed by mobile phones has increased by 36%
  • As of January 2018, Japan’s share of website traffic mainly comes from laptops and desktop computers at a measured 69%, compared to 27% on mobile phones
  • With over a billion voice search queries per month, voice is estimated to be a highly trending digital marketing strategy in 2018
  • Google is the most popular search engine and visited website recorded in 2018, with over 3.5 billion searches each day

eCommerce, 2018

  • In the U.K. for 2018, ZenCart has the biggest market share with over 17% of .uk web address extensions using the software provider
  • In the U.S. as of February 2018, over 133 million mobile users used the Amazon app, compared to 72 million users accessing the Walmart app
  • Nearly 80% of online shopping results in abandoned carts, but we have some handy tips to ensure you can recover your marketing strategy
  • 2018 sees a 13% increase in eCommerce sales since 2016, with the majority of sales being recorded in the U.S. and China
  • 80% of U.K buyers use online commerce research before purchasing a product online or offline
  • Under 33% of U.K. consumers want to pay more for faster delivery, but 50% said they would be willing to accept delivery via drone
  • An estimated 600,000 commercial drones will be in use by the end of 2018 in the U.K. alone

Domain Names, 2018

  • As of April 2018, there are just over 132 million registered .com domain names
  • In January 2018 alone, there were 9 million registered .uk domains
  • 68 million copyright-infringing URLs were requested to be removed by Google in January 2018, with being the highest-targeted website
  • 46.5% of websites use .com as their top-level domains
  • Approximately 75% of websites registered are not active but have parked domains
  • From 1993 to 2018, the number of hosts in the domain name system (DNS) has more than doubled, reaching over 1 billion
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