Things to Consider When Setting-Up Your Warehouse

Tips for setting up your warehouse

If you are considering expanding and setting up your own warehouse, then there is a huge amount that you will need to consider. The main issues that an SME will need to think about include health and safety, employees, and finding logistics companies to arrange deliveries for you.

Things you need to consider for a Warehouse Setup.

Health & Safety

It is no secret that warehouses can be dangerous places to work. A few of the major dangers here include injury through heavy lifting, slips, and trips, falling objects, vehicles in and around the warehouse, lighting, hazardous substances, fire, and working at height. So, how can you go about minimizing risk?

The first thing to do will be to carry out a risk assessment with the help of a safety management system where you establish the risks to the health of employees working in the warehouse. This will help you to identify ways in which you can eliminate or reduce the risk of any kind of incident from occurring.

A few common steps that can be taken include investing in equipment to handle the heavy lifting, ensuring that the warehouse is kept clean and clutter-free, and identifying traffic routes that are kept clear. In terms of fire safety, there must be smoke alarms, fire extinguishers, and fire escapes, as well as a procedure to follow.


Following this, any employee in the warehouse must be properly trained. In addition to streamlining the operation, this will also promote health and safety by ensuring that work is carried out properly and safely.

There are many different roles in the warehouse, so you need to make sure that you are hiring the right people for the job, ensuring that training is provided and that people are not carrying out work that they are not trained for.

Another important aspect when it comes to staff is opening communication – making it easy for employees to communicate to increase efficiency whilst also boosting health and safety. Regular meetings where people are made aware of what is happening each day and using walkie-talkies are both effective ways to do this.


Finally, you will want to find a reputable logistics company that will be able to sort your deliveries for you, such as National Pallets. This ensures that everything goes smoothly and could be crucial in growing your business. This can be a complicated side of the operation so it is always best left to the professionals.

Setting up your own warehouse can be a huge step as an expanding SME, but many considerations are made. These can be busy, stressful, and dangerous places to be, so you need to take a few steps to ensure that the operation will run smoothly, safely, and efficiently.

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