Top Do’s and Don’ts of using Facebook for Business – A Beginner’s Guide

Using Facebook for Business

Social networking is always a challenging task for business marketers, and not to say how complicated it will be for a newbie trying it. However, if you work hard and master the game over time, it can surely deliver incredible benefits regarding business promotions, leads, and revenue. When we think of social media, what comes to our mind other than Facebook at first point?

Facebook has recently rolled out a lot of tools over the last several years with an objective to help brands and businesses engage with their followers seamlessly and expand their fan base.

As in the case of any social media platform random, authentic feeds and engaging content is the essence of Facebook too when it comes to doing business promotions on this platform. Further, in this article, we will review the most admired dos and don’ts of FB marketing.

DO’s first

Leverage header image and ‘Bio’ section

Your social media profile represents you as a whole, so make it the best possible way. The customers should get a first-hand understanding of your brand and company right from this page. An official and informative bio will help your prospective consumers to find you online easily. Always include the most important keywords and vital terminology related to your business and industry.

Posting your cover image is a vital part of creating your profile. Facebook now changed the way how the profile picture is displayed, in which the entire image gets displayed, which makes it more welcoming for businesses.

Be consistent

SMM is an ongoing effort. Many end up with social media marketing as a one-time effort. You need to post frequently and consistently to be visible to the audience and stay alive. You can ideally start trying with a single post daily and keep on experimenting with posting frequencies. The success here is to make your followers check out your content and tend to share it with more new prospective users. So, share only valuable, relevant, and quality content from reliable resources.

Use hashtags

Hashtags on FB are quite challenging to understand, but a recent study detailing more than a billion FB posts from around thirty million pages of various brands confirmed that posts with hashtags do perform better than those without them. So, intense hashtag research to find out what’s trending and logically incorporate those into your posts or plan for activities like Facebook quizzes, etc.

Pin posting

Try to pin posts to your profile, which is ideal to attract more users to the posts. Make them sign up for newsletters, or you can add a link to your business landing page, etc. to skillfully drive traffic in. Pinned posts will be shown as the first thing on your profile for the time being until you remove them.


Staying on top regarding social media or search engine marketing is all about relying on analytics. Always take count of your FB followers, the reach of your business page, likes, shares, and comments.

Facebook does offer network analytics tools through Facebook Insights with which you can explore your best posts, engagement of your fans without online content, and analysis of the competition you are facing to better strategies your social media plans.

Now the DON’TS

Overdoing it

As in the case of any other marketing strategy, you shouldn’t frustrate your audience by posting too frequently for them to follow or build trust effectively. Set the frequency by considering the needs of your business.

Your followers may expect many posts every day if you are a daily news publication or magazine. If your product or service doesn’t require such frequent updates and your followers too, don’t prefer to have it so be judicious about it.

Irrelevant content posting

Don’t post on FB just to serve your schedule, meaninglessly. Ensure that what you share with your followers do have relevance to what you have to offer and what they expect. If content is king in social media marketing, the context is the emperor. Even if you are sharing a trending post with someone else, do a bit of homework to appropriately tie it with your business.

Downplay targeting

Appropriate targeting is crucial in Facebook marketing to avoid reaching people blindly. The right focus is essential when you are planning for promotions and ads. Plan your campaigns by understanding the nature of your target group. The ad interface offered by Facebook will help you in this task by following the target customer details at its minute level.

The tools like Audience Restrictions and Preferred Audience etc. by Facebook will also help you to deliver content to the most appropriate target audience and hit the most specific people who are looking for what you got to offer.

Bonus advice here for Facebook marketers is not to fall prey to the ‘buy 1000 likes’ types of offers by the SEO providers. Do realize that it is not so easy now to win likes that way, which most of the time will end up in penalizations. It takes constant effort to grow regarding social media marketing to earn laurels.

Author: Daniel Lozano is a leading blog writer and well-accepted digital marketing expert, who used to conduct Facebook quizzes and post-Facebook help tips for social media enthusiasts online.

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