Here are 9 things to remember while dressing up in the monsoon

Fashion tips for monsoon attires

Worried about your attire in the rainy season? Confused about what to wear and step out in rain? I am going to share some monsoon fashion ideas for you to flaunt your everyday look. Follow these monsoon fashion trends and make them gawk!

Monsoon has come! And we are loving it! When asked about the good things the monsoon brings, people usually talk about petrichor, hot pakoras, tea, treks, and the list goes on. I can spend hours traveling in the monsoon on the curvy roads of those cloudy hills. One more thing I can do for hours is stand in front of my wardrobe wondering what to wear!

Why NO LIGHT COLORS? Continuous rain and sludge.

Why NO JEANS? Working a whole day in that wet denim jeans is not comfortable at all!

SNEAKERS? Stinks bad!

Monsoon is an amazing time of the year when you can do various experiments with your clothing styles and accessories to form your own Monsoon fashion trends. I have enlisted a few tips you must try in this monsoon to get a stunning look every day.

Keep it short

Wanna have a fashion fiesta this monsoon? Then try to keep it short. Long-length attires are difficult to carry in monsoon and have higher chances of getting wet or dirty. By short we mean fewer clothes! Not only full-length bottoms but also full sleeves are not recommended in monsoon.

Go sleeveless. It is a good option for this time of year. There are plenty of clothing options that are a perfect match for the monsoon. You can try crop tops, short blouses, skirts, knee-length capris, hot pants, and much more. 

Say no to denim

Say no to denim in monsoon
Say no to denim in the monsoon

Though there are plenty of denim styles available in the market, this evergreen fabric can take some rest in the rainy season. The very first reason is denim takes longer to dry and can cause consistent itchiness to the skin. If you really want to learn how fashion trends work, it is important to try changes. If you wish to try a casual look and do not know what suits with cool T-shirts, you can try some midi skirts, culottes, and slim pants.


Personally, I love jumpsuits! Jumpsuits are saviors! You can wear them in the office as well as at parties. They come in a variety of styles and are best suited for the rainy season. Make sure you buy ankle-length formal jumpsuits with formal shoes and some delicate accessories for that perfect office look. But if you wanna wear jumpsuits other than the office, you can certainly try the short ones with brighter colors and floral prints.

Polyester is a good option

There are fabrics for each weather. Though you can slay your every look in cotton or silk even in monsoon, the perfect suitable fabric is polyester. Polyester attires are waterproof and extremely comfortable. It will keep you dry the whole day in a trendy way. Try to avoid wool and leather.

Gumboots or crocs

Gumboots or Crocs for Monsoon
Gumboots or Crocs for Monsoon

We all have that amazing pair of sneakers, but you have to keep it aside for a few months. Waterproof shoes are not that bad! Gone are the days when you used to get extra large giant boots with no color variations.

Thanks to all these amazing online marketplaces, you can buy some really cool waterproof footwear. The market is flooded with Crocs, flip-flops, ballerinas, jelly shoes, open sandals, silicon shoes, PVC boots, slip-ons, gumboots, etc. with great designs & patterns.


Choosing what accessories to carry in the monsoon is extremely important. Here are some monsoon fashion ideas for accessories. Say bye to your favorite sunglasses, and metal jewelry. Oh, is your wristwatch waterproof? One should know what to avoid in rainy seasons. Try some quirky and bizarre accessories like multicolored glass bangles and acrylic necklaces.

Umbrella & raincoats

Bored with those typical black umbrellas? We all are! Try some nude-colored umbrellas in this monsoon. Nudes are so in trend and why restrict it to nail paints and clothes? There are multiple options for trendy umbrellas such as nudes, polka dots, multicolored, transparent, floral prints, bubble umbrellas, and much more.

If you don’t want to engage your hands, you can go with trendy raincoats. What to do if you wish to slay in your pretty dress even in rain? Try wearing a transparent raincoat with a hood. You can also try the latest rain jackets with amazing designs and lighter colors.

There is no Bad Hair Day

Here is a vital tip. Try avoiding any sort of haircut on rainy days as it gets highly difficult to maintain the style. Worried about your hairstyles in the monsoon? Leave your hair open. It can give your hair a natural wavy look.

But if you want to tie your hair, you can go for Ballerina buns, Cuff buns, or Crown braided buns. Buns can be an option if you are running late. And if you wish to try braids, here are some good options on rainy days- Elsa braids, French braids, Rope braids, etc.

Light Makeup

Monsoon brings humidity. It can melt your layers of makeup. Try to keep it light and avoid glossy cosmetics. When it comes to selecting something for your lips, opt for soft mattes. Make sure you use waterproof eyeliner and mascara. Remember that in Monsoon, less is more.

Instead of foundation, try lightweight mousse or CC cream. To mattify your final look, try a light dusting of powder. Whilst we are trying bold colors in attires, why not makeup? This monsoon, try some unique colors with lipsticks, eye shadows, and eyeliner.

Talking about fashion, it is extremely important to focus on comfort. Any attire or accessory should let you feel good about yourself. Adjusting and tugging clothes every now and then is a pain. Be it any weather, make sure your selection brings great comfort. Fashion is no rocket science. All you need to do is keep experimenting with colors, styles, and accessories.

We all wish to flaunt our looks every time we step outside. As per your body shape, color complexion, and likes, create your own style statement and rock this rainy season. Keep experimenting and give others some good monsoon fashion ideas!

Monsoon is all about freshness, fun, and joy. So what are you waiting for? Open your wardrobe and sort out all the stuff according to rainy days. Slay like a rainbow! Happy monsoon.

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