Aarti Dhanwadkar

Freelance Writer
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I am Aarti Dhanwadkar. I am a copywriter and have been crafting content for the last 5 years. I enjoy writing on technology, food, travel, etc. Pune is my homeland and I love exploring every corner of it. Being a writer I get different opportunities to spread knowledge and information. Happy writing.

Top 4 Advantages of IoT

The Internet of things is nothing but a system that allows computing devices, machines, and objects to communicate with each other and transfer data without any sort of human interference.

6 Tips To Earn Some Bucks In Lockdown

In this period of the pandemic, we all are requested to stay home for our safety. In such circumstances, there are millions of people who are unable to work and facing a financial crisis. In this blog, I have shared some side hustle tips to continue earning even in lockdown.

Top 8 mobile applications that use Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is the next big thing in the mobile app development industry. Artificial intelligence applications are here to make life easier and offer great ease in performing complex functions. Check out top 8 Mobile apps based on Artificial intelligence and download them.

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