Top 8 mobile applications that use Artificial Intelligence

Mobile app developers optimizing AI

Who had thought that a machine can fix your appointment at a barbershop?

That too without your help! Machines are taking over everything.

Did you ever think that a car can run all by itself without a single person operating it?

Artificial intelligence is taking over each industry and we are amazed! This fantastic technology has multiple pros and advantages one cannot resist. Machines are performing tasks that are simply impossible for humans. The mobile app development market has taken it seriously.

That is why we have some amazing artificial intelligence applications in the Play stores right now. In this article, I am going to tell you about some robust mobile apps based on artificial intelligence. But before heading towards this list, let me give you a brief about artificial intelligence.

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Robotics, machine learning, voice recognition, face detection, neural networks, deep learning, etc. are branches of a tree called Artificial Intelligence (AI). AI is an area of computer science that enables machines to run on themselves with intelligence.

These machines are programmed to perform critical tasks without human interruption. These machines are used for various problems associated with planning, reasoning, learning, problem-solving, etc.

The marketing industry has been working on AI for years. AI is used on a great scale in remarketing. User behavior is stored in the form of data and this data is used in online advertisements. Now you know why you keep seeing stuff you added to the Amazon cart everywhere you surf!

The automobile industry has been experimenting with this technology in the form of driverless cars. The app development industry has left no stone unturned to optimize and exploit the use of artificial intelligence.

Here are the top 8 Mobile apps based on Artificial intelligence:

1. Faceapp

Let us start with a fun app. Thanks to celebrities, this application has gained huge popularity in less span. Though this application uses AI technology, this app is used for the core purpose of entertainment. The app is programmed in such a way that it captures the user’s face and edits it to show realistic images of different ages, gender, and mood.

The photo editing feature is so accurate that this app has gained huge downloads in less time and is trending all over social media. The app is free of cost but if you wish to remove the watermark and ads, you have to pay 20$. The app is available on Apple App Store and Android Play Store.

2. Microsoft Cortana

Cortana is a personal assistant application developed by Microsoft. What do you do when you store an important file on your PC but wish to open it when you are away from it? What if I say you can access your PC on your smartphone by simply using this AI-based application?

Cortana syncs your PC with smartphones and lets you track files, videos, and images from your devices. This amazing piece of a personal assistant is available on Microsoft Windows and Android Play Store.

3. SwiftKey keyboard

Are you a writer? Or do you hate it when you make any spelling & grammar mistakes? Then this AI app is for you. Swiftkey keyboard corrects your incorrect text while typing. The app intelligently learns your writing styles including slang, nicknames, and emoji.

Users can use their custom keyboards to send emojis and GIFs. This app offers AI-powered predictions that have extreme accuracy levels to offer ease in typing for each user. Swiftkey Keyboard is a multilingual keyboard supporting 10 languages including UK, AU, CA & US English.

4. Replika

A friend in need is a friend indeed! Replika is a friendly AI-based application. If you are feeling low, getting bored, or just wish to share your thoughts with someone, use this app. It relies on its own! The primary objective of this smart application is to examine users’ behavior and support them emotionally.

Initially, the app responses are generic but as you go on chatting with it, it will start analyzing your chat and learn your attitude, nature, and moods. This is one of the best mobile apps based on machine learning. It helps improve the mental well-being of the user to improve their social behaviors. It is available on iOS and Android.

5. Leia

Oh, this app is genius! Vybe Software LLC has developed this amazing app that has raised the standards of DIY apps. Designing and developing the website of your dreams is a tough job. The idea is that Leia will listen to your website requirements using voice recognition technology.

It will ask certain questions related to your website requirements. Once it gathers requirements, it will offer you a great attractive design. You can edit the content and upload images of your choice to complete the website. It has a free as well as a paid version. This app is available on Android & iOS.


English Language Speech Assistant will help you speak in English like a pro. It corrects you when you make any mistakes in English with voice recognition technology. It studies your pronunciation styles and prepares customized tests to track your progress. The app offers feedback on the words that need improvements. Now you can learn how to speak perfect English without hiring any tutors. Available for Android and iOS users.

7. Polyword

Polyword is an AI-based app that helps you detect objects and translate their names into different languages. This can be a great help for those living in foreign countries who find it difficult to communicate.

All you have to do is, point your camera to that object and it will ask you your language preference. It then identifies the object and displays its name in the requested language. This app is available for iOS.

8. Jarvis

Avengers End Game doesn’t bring Jarvis to an end. Jarvis app is a personal assistant AI-powered app that does multiple tasks. These tasks include reading messages, playing music, getting weather updates, etc. Wouldn’t that be great to have a personal assistant like Jarvis?

Now that you know how cool AI is, download these apps and start using them. Mobile apps based on artificial intelligence offer personal assistants and great ease in performing critical tasks. Let us hope for more amazing apps based on AI.

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