Why Swift Is Preferred Language For iOS App Development?

Mobile App Development Language to Consider

Over the past few years, iOS has become one of the most popular mobile phone application development platforms for business houses. The majority of the people owing to iOS mobile are increasing rapidly across the globe.

In such a situation, It is essential to focus on developing user-friendly, easy-to-use, and impressive apps according to the market needs.

With iOS taking the lead in developing new and latest products in the market, the use of such a programming language Swift for iOS app development can transform the app into a high-performance application.

For quite a long time, Objective-C was one of the most preferred languages to build iOS applications. But once Apple announced Swift as an official programming language, it ended the scope of other programming languages.

Swift is loved by developers, and they express interest in continuing to develop with it. It is ranked 6th this year with 65.1%, up from 63.9% last year. (View)

With the popularity of the iOS platform, the businesses started to attract iOS strategic efforts and high-quality delivery products. In 2014, they introduced the Swift programming language.

It’s a powerful general-purpose programming language. Mobile app developers, Startups, and mobile app development companies all are using Swift now as their preferred language for iOS app development.

Without further ado, let’s know more about Swift and why it’s the most preferred programming language.

What is Swift?

Swift is a general-purpose, multi-paradigm, iOS app development programming language. It was first introduced in June 2014 worldwide by Apple Inc. For iOS, macOS, iPads, TVOS, watches, Linux, and Z/OS. This powerful and intuitive programming language is designed to work with Apple’s Cocoa and Cocoa touch framework. It has an attention-catching feature addressing the most obvious programming errors.

This programming language won the first award in Stack Overflow Developers Survey 2015 and got a second place in 2016. It’s an alternative language of objective C with the modern programming language and more straightforward syntax. It is built for the primary purpose of helping developers to build mobile apps that run on Apple devices.

Why is Swift the Most favored iOS app development language?

1. Easy to Learn

Swift is considered being the most straightforward programming language. Swift doesn’t separate the table of content. It combines the header as well as the implementation into a single file. It eliminates the programmer’s work and allows them to spend less time on bookkeeping while enabling them to create app logic.

2. Offers Utmost Security

Apple is known for delivering the best and secure solutions. Its programming language Swift eliminates all the unsafe codes. It carefully tracks all the errors which reduce the incorrect application operation. It makes writing code much cleaner and prevents run time crashes in your app by its default object setting, which can never be nil.

3. Offers Faster Development

Swift is proven to be the fastest language in its performance. It provides speedy advantages during ios application development. It works 3.9 times faster than in Python. It has proven to be the fastest language in its performance or any other language used for building iOS apps.

4. Support Dynamic Libraries

Swift supports dynamic libraries and offers a notable reduction in the application size. It allows users to download the app without taking unnecessary time quickly. It’s basically a bunch of codes that can be linked to an iOS app whenever needed.

5. Linux Development

Hire an iOS developer to develop cross-platform applications based on Linux, iOS/ OS uses Swift programming language. This advanced language enables developers’ capabilities to build an advanced app and provides them with the ability to use this development language using advanced options.

6. Assured Application Performance

Apple’s Swift was released with the aim of resolving development difficulties. It offers a smart development with efficient, extensible key-value coding to make the app perform better. It functions work faster than compared to other languages designed for iOS development and offers an enriched solution. It maximizes application performance while providing a better user experience.

7. Simple Syntax

Swift is mainly known for its easy Syntax. It was first developed by Apple to create a simple yet intuitive programming language. As a result, Swift offers the most uncomplicated Syntax, which has a very positive impact on teamwork. It makes developers work easily and efficiently with a natural syntax.

Swift is a fast, interactive, and safe programming language that perfectly blends the modern language, thinking with the diverse contribution from its open-source community. It is the most suitable iOS app development language for new programmers.

It lets the programmers experiment with the code without running the app and can see the immediate results. With a growing community, it’s grabbing the attention of developers and leveraging them to develop the advice iOS app using swift.

Develop an advanced iOS app using Swift and provide users with cross-platform functionality with rich features. Many iOS app development companies use this advanced language to develop a next-generation app. Step up your application development game using this general-purpose language and open the door to numerous business opportunities.

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