6 Tips To Earn Some Bucks In Lockdown

Best side hustle ideas to consider.

The world is experiencing a pandemic like never before. The only thing we all are talking and listening about is Coronavirus disease in 2019.

This Covid-19 is spreading at a skyrocket pace and has infected thousands of people all over the globe. Since the whole world is under lockdown, people are requested to stay at home.

In this crucial crisis, many of us are working from home. The Covid-19 crisis has shown a different angle of digital transformation.

The whole world is experiencing a major drop in the economic state. Due to a big pause in the manufacturing, trading and retail sectors, the global financial condition is worsening. But what about the people who do not have any scope of working from home?

There are small-scale entrepreneurs, shopkeepers, field engineers, salesmen, and many more with a profession that requires field presence. For those, the income source has stopped and we don’t know when things will get back to normal.

Starting a side hustle can surely help you in this situation. A side hustle is an excellent way to earn some pennies. In this blog, I am going to share some side hustle ideas that you can pursue without leaving the house.

Teach online

When I say teaching, it does not restrict to teaching students. What special talent do you have? You can use your talent to earn some money. If you can play any musical instrument like a guitar or violin, you can offer online coaching to whoever is interested in learning.

I am sure there are people who wish to utilize the lockdown period to learn something interesting. If you think you are a good cook, you can share this talent with others using video tuitions as a medium.

If recording video is too much for you, you can even share your special and unique recipes on-demand and earn some money from that. Right from gardening to art-from-waste, you can teach whatever you think you know better. You can use social media to promote your online tuitions and get yourselves some students without spending money.

Virtual assistance

Though you are not able to resume your work, you can always be a great help to those who are working from home. Ask your friends, relatives, and colleagues if they need any virtual assistance.

You can help in setting up online meetings, drafting emails, managing accounts, testing, proofreading and much more. Every person working from home can use some help here. There are many platforms where you can get virtual assistance jobs. Upwork is the most popular one.


This is a good way of earning a good amount of money. Freelancing can be related to writing, development, testing, graphic designing, etc. How to get started? First of all, you will be needing to sign up on different platforms to get work.

There are freelancer.com, Upwork, truelancer, etc. where you can register to get freelance projects. LinkedIn and Facebook are two promising social media platforms that are way beyond social networking. You can easily find pages, groups, and networks on these social media platforms where businesses keep posting requirements.

By freelancing for different clients, you can generate a portfolio and continue this side hustle even after lockdown. All you need is a laptop, a good internet connection and a cup of coffee! Not a developer neither a designer?

Then share knowledge about the work you do for a living. In this phase, where we all have a huge time to focus on our unexplored skills, we can surely start blogging about it. It is a one-day job to start a blogging website. You can easily create it using Wix or WordPress. If not, then you can always pursue guest blogging. You can blog about your work, your experiences, or even your hobbies.

Some important tips:

  • Always bid as per your experience
  • Make sure the client is authenticated and has good ratings
  • Do a quick research about the commercials other freelancers are charging

Social media marketing

You can either promote products on your social media accounts with paid collaborations or you can simply manage other’s social media marketing campaigns. Both offer great earnings. To promote products and services, make sure you have a huge number of followers. If so, you can promote any products you use or even promote services.

The products can be anything right from cosmetics to mobile applications. All you have to do is tell your followers how that product works and its features. Make sure you express this all in an interesting way to gain more likes and shares. Facebook, Instagram, and even TikTok are some promising social media platforms.

If you have a creative mind, you can opt for social media marketing. Brands are always in a search of talented social media marketers. You can get such projects from freelancing portals and social media platforms. What to do exactly?

Create unique posts related to trending topics, write catchy captions, post informative short blogs, ‘how to’ blogs, post videos and much more. Depending on the business structure and industry, social media tricks can vary. Make sure your activities are helping the brand in online visibility.

Food delivery

I know it’s a lockdown period and we are not meant to step out of our houses. But we can surely help those who are stuck in our neighborhood. If you have bachelors or students in your neighborhood who are stuck due to lockdown, you can provide them with meal boxes. This will help you earn some bucks and the bachelors will get homemade good food.


Make sure you wash your hands properly before entering the kitchen and maintain extreme hygiene while cooking. Use gloves and mask even if you are fit as a horse. We are home for a reason!

Crafts and artwork

Good at crafts? Use it. If you are an artist, let that art come out. You can create different crafts using whatever is available and sell it later. It can be anything like paintings, wall hangings, gardening decors, kitchen stuff, jewelry, knitting, sewing, pottery, etc. You can sell these art pieces on Etsy, Facebook, and even Instagram.

All the above 6 side hustle ideas don’t require you to leave your premises. You can surely start working from home and earn without putting yourself at any sort of risk. We all are facing a tough time, but it can be defeated only if we maintain hygiene, social distancing, and staying home.

Along with pursuing side hustle, don’t miss this great opportunity to learn something new every day. Spread positivity. We are all together in this. Stay home, stay safe.

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