Living in Delhi? Here are a Few Ways to Make Your Summer Cooler

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Delhi summers can be long and uncomfortable. Buying an air conditioner for every room is not always a feasible option.

There are some creative and cost-effective measures that you can take in order to make Delhi summers a little more bearable. Here is a list of ways to make this summer cooler.

Put Away the Dark Linens:

An easy way to deal with long summers is to keep all things bright. Make sure to change your curtains and linens to light colours like peach and yellow. Light colours reflect heat while dark ones absorb heat. Keep your summer bright by changing up the colours in your house.

Fill your home with plants:

Plants are a great way to cool down your house. Plants release moisture into the atmosphere, thereby regulating the humidity in the air. Plants are also very aesthetic and can be used as a decorative piece. The best part? It also helps with controlling the Delhi pollution.

Get an AC on rent:

If you do not want to buy an air conditioner, you can always rent one from an online source. You can get an AC on rent for 2000 rupees a month. Most online websites provide excellent delivery services and easy returns. You can get an air conditioner on rent for a short-term period and return it after the summer.

Get an Air Cooler on rent:

Afraid of the heavy electricity bills that accompany air conditioners? No problem! You can always buy an air cooler or get an air cooler for rent. Air coolers are more eco-friendly and cost you as little as 1000 rupees a month on rent. You can move it around from room to room and it consumes less electricity when compared to an air conditioner.

Wet the Floor:

Though a traditional method, sprinkling cold water on the floor before sleeping helps cool down the room. You can drag a mattress to the floor and sprinkle water around it before sleeping in order to cool down the room a little bit.

Get an Ice Cream Makers:

Ice cream makers are a blessing to have during the summer season, especially if you live with children. You can make unlimited ice cream anytime you want and you can use healthier ingredients like fresh fruit and brown sugar. You can get an ice cream maker online for less than 2000 rupees a month.

Get a Blender:

If you don’t feel like cooking hot meals or making hot beverages during the summer, you can get a blender and make fresh juices, smoothies or cold soups instead.

Blenders are cheap and extremely useful to have in the kitchen during the summer season. You can also get a juicer specifically to make fresh fruit juice every day. It is important to stay hydrated and healthy during the hot season.

Use these simple and creative tips to make your summer in Delhi cooler.

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