How Can a Stay at Home Dad Make Money?

How stay at home dad make money

The society has become so dynamic, forcing us to forget about how things were done in the past. It is no longer about gender when it comes to responsibilities.

Before, moms were expected to stay at home. Today, they are now the ones working 24/7 making dads spare some time for their children.

Most dads are quitting their well-paying jobs to start home businesses so that may have time with their families. Some are tired of the frustrations they go through while at work and decide to make money while at home.

Men are known to be egocentric, and it is not surprising that they are ready to lose their job because they hate the supervision from their bosses. Assuming you have lost your job and you are looking for ways of earning money, what are the available options?

The list is endless. Self-discipline and focus is the key to succeed in this line of work. It is effortless to lose focus and get lazy when working from home, and therefore self-drive is required.

Let’s see how a stay at home dad can make money.


Most men are passionate about driving. Unlike most ladies who visit friends for gossip when bored, men often drive off. Surprisingly, they drive without having a destination in mind. All they want is to have fun and find new routes in the neighborhood.

If you are a stay at home dad, turn this hobby into a money-making business. With apps like Lyft, you can make money without being ordered around. You are the one in control of your time, rules, and the car.

What if you have a small child to take care of? Should that stop you? Of course not. Most of the time, you will have less than three clients to serve. Your child can join you when picking clients as long as you take serious precautions. But I advise you to do this only if you are short of options. You wouldn’t want to endanger your child.

Make your garage profitable

The garage can be more than just a sitting place for your car. You can rent out your garage and make money every month. Parking space is a struggle for many drivers, especially on weekdays.

If your home is next to an office building or a mall, grab that opportunity. Employees desire to drive themselves to work and save the public transport, but they are unable to due to lack of parking space.

Offer your garage for parking and get paid for it. Look for a few potential clients and make them your permanent customers. What you need to do is to know the space available and agree on what they will be paying you at the end of every month. Move your car out of the garage and park it somewhere else in your compound if you have to.

You can as well turn your garage into a mechanic store. Your neighbors will be relieved to have a mechanic within their estate. Advertise your mechanic store by posting it on your gate so that you get more clients. You will also have to look for someone to assist you with the repairs. If you require funding, check out to get started.


Although blogging is mostly done by females than males, it is still an option for dads. But this is not for everyone. Only a few have made it through. With blogging, you need to be unique and hardworking to succeed. It requires creativity to attract people to your presentations. As a man, you are more likely to excel in this field if you play well in your game.

Why so? Most blogs are about fashion, makeup, and other trendy topics, but little is about business, cars, and sports. Women know little about these things.

You will beat them off if you give remarkable facts on such topics. Additionally, you can also use your blog to make money by selling digital products, affiliate marketing, and running ads.

Blogging will not take so much of your time in the beginning. You will have time for your kids. But as time goes by, you will have more clients, and more of your time will be needed.


Proofreading would be an easy task for you if your previous work involved analyzing data and records. Books, magazines, and websites need to be proofread before being released.

You can make $17-$30 per hour by just going through written materials and making the corrections. It may sound easy and fun, but it is different when you do it. Grammar and spelling skills are needed to qualify for the job.

This job will also add some points to your parenting skills. Your kid’s assignment will be errorfree if you proofread their work before they present it to school. Most parents don’t have time to do this for their kids. Be sure it will mean so much to your children.

Selling out articles

Consider this option if you have writing skills. Write articles and sell them to people. Not much is needed here, only a unique writing style and a PayPal account to get your pay. Your income will depend on the level of your commitment and your speed.

Showcase your style

Probably you are a digital dad, and your children are famous in school because of how stylish you are. Your style is dope, and even your wife is always proud of your dressing taste.

With the sylinity app, you can make money from your style. You only need to take pictures of your trendy clothes and advertise the brand of your outfit. The more people buy from these brands, the more you get paid by this app.

The Bottom Line

Being a stay home dad does not limit you from making money like other working dads. Actually, you can earn more than them if you put your mind into it. Since spending time with your kids is equally important in your life, choose an option that will allow you to achieve both missions.

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