Everything You Need to Know About Becoming a Digital Nomad

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The digital age has brought freedom from the constraints that once defined society’s version of an average workday. No longer are we confined to 9 to 5 workdays that beg for 8 hours of nonstop productivity.

Thanks to the ever-evolving landscape of the world we live in, pursuing a career outside of the norm is completely feasible. In fact, doing so while pursuing a passion for travel is a reality for many digital nomads pioneering this new genre of work.

Not only do we now have the liberty to work from home thanks to the internet and our connected devices, but we can see everything planet Earth has to offer while climbing the unconventional corporate ladder. Curious to know how you can join the ranks of digital nomads, making their dreams come true? Read on.

What is a digital nomad?

Digital nomads are remote workers who can take their work on the go and travel to different locations. Generally speaking, digital nomads tend to be young people working in most industries within the knowledge economy (i.e., IT, marketing, design, writing, media, tutoring, and consulting).

Typically, digital nomads work in coffee shops, co-working spaces, and public libraries, relying on their internet-connected devices to stay tuned into their careers and work responsibilities.

Be it their laptops, smartphones, custom USB drives, or noise-canceling headphones; digital nomads carry several essential gadgets to maintain their jobs on the road.

  1. Website Developer
  2. SEO Specialist
  3. Social Media Marketer
  4. Language Tutor
  5. Graphic Designer
  6. Blogger
  7. Affiliate Marketer
  8. Copywriter
  9. Photographer
  10. Vlogger

What are the benefits of being a digital nomad?

Flexible office space

Say goodbye to your boxed-in cubicle and say hello to a world of opportunity. With the ability to set up shop wherever you please, your undefined office space keeps the view always interesting.

Rather than feeling creatively stumped looking at the same sterile and uninspiring desk, being a digital nomad empowers you to choose whatever office space brings you the highest amount of joy.

In fact, a recent Upwork survey found that 92% of digital nomads are happier since they have become free of physical workplaces.

Increased motivation

When you’re able to travel to gorgeous places almost every day and create a lifestyle that truly works for you, it should come as no surprise that your motivation and productivity levels rise in tandem with your happiness levels. With something new to look forward to every day, you’ll be effortlessly motivated to get your work done and adventure on.

More time to do the things you love

In most cases, the work you do as a digital nomad is work you’re passionate about. And while work is great, outside of your career path have plenty of opportunities to immerse yourself in new cultures, try new foods, meet new people, and do more of the things that make you feel whole.

Ability to create your own schedule

Maybe you’re not a morning person, or maybe you detest structured workdays. As a digital nomad, you gain the ability to create a schedule that works around your very own preferences. This effectively allows you to work when you’re most productive and travel or relax all other times.

Decreased stress levels

One of the most attractive benefits of the digital nomad lifestyle is the exponentially decreased stress levels. No noisy open office settings to ruin your productivity or hard-to-work-with co-workers to make your Mondays feel like, well, Mondays.

As a digital nomad, you’re able to create your perfect work environment – whether it’s an Airbnb living room or a quiet internet cafe, it’s up to you where you decide to dive into the nitty-gritty of your work.

  1. Chiang Mai, Thailand
  2. Mexico City, Mexico
  3. Budapest, Hungary
  4. Prague, Czech Republic
  5. Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
  6. Barcelona, Spain
  7. Bali, Indonesia
  8. Buenos Aires, Argentina
  9. Porto, Portugal
  10. Dakar, Senegal

How do I get started as a digital nomad?

Becoming a digital nomad is likely a lot simpler than you may initially think. You’ll need to hone your skillset and narrow down your strengths.

From there, you can make sense of what career paths make the most sense for you and begin applying. Check out sites like Upwork, SimplyHired, 99Designs, and Aquent to get your foot in the door.

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