Gain Automation and Higher Conversion Rate by Integrating Live Chat Feature in Apps

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Customer Expectations in this age of the internet keep evolving with evolving technologies. But, for growth-oriented businesses, it is essential that they meet these customer expectations as the marketers generally follow this mantra that says “It is easy to double the sales by doubling the conversions than to double the traffic”.

Also, it is observed that businesses that make customer-centric decisions get the most out of their digital platforms.

The proven formula to increase the conversion rate is that your app must provide personalized and delightful customer experiences. And one of the best ways to deliver that is by integrating the Live Chat feature in your mobile applications. Live chat feature has various use cases for different enterprises and all these applications have distinct advantages and challenges.

But one thing is for sure, Live Chat is preferred by customers and it boosts customer expectations as the customer satisfaction rate of Live Chat is 92%, and 79% of customers prefer live chat as it offers an instant response. (Source)

So, while live chat provides instant response and it boosts customer expectations, it is also essential to know how Live Chat responses can be different for different businesses. To help you make an informed decision regarding Live Chat, below are a few of the best use cases of Live Chat and the benefits it can reap for businesses.

Use Cases and Benefits of Integrating Live Chat in your applications:

Automated/Mixed Customer Support:

For those businesses that have an on-demand application or an e-commerce platform, the widest application of Live Chat features us to provide automated customer support to their customers. Live Chat is used to understand the problems faced by customers and then provide solutions to such questions.

To make the best use of live chat, we suggest that while the automated feature can be used to gather the initial information or to provide answers to the FAQs; it is essential that the process is not automated completely and kept mixed. That is, the automated Live Chat will be as basic questions first, and then, the chat will be taken over by the Customer care executive.

This is essential because 70% of consumers prefer human agents to AI technologies. Thus, it is essential that you have mixed customer support.

Below are the benefits of integrating Live Chat for customer support:

  • Instant response to multiple chats simultaneously
  • Reduced Administrative Cost of customer care representatives
  • Automation of tedious FAQs response and initial information-gathering stage
  • Increased Customer Satisfaction

Improved App Navigation:

For those businesses that have a huge number of products or services offered on their mobile applications, or for those businesses that require a brief explanation about their business offerings due to the uniqueness of the product or service, they can use the automated Live Chat option to help customers understand what are the services offered and how to get to them.

Also, e-commerce businesses can use Live Chat to provide personalized updates regarding the offers to their customers.

This is one of the unique ways to help customers reach their desired pages quickly without any confusion or chaos and hence they would have satisfied consumer experiences.

Also, customers who are new to the platform can get a better idea of the app navigation. So, below are the benefits of integrating Live Chat for App Navigation:

Benefits of integrating Live Chat for App Navigation:

  • Personalized product offerings
  • Clear communication of business offerings
  • Opportunity to offer the right product at the right time
  • Better conversion rate
  • Customized search options
  • The decrease in bounce rate

Better Customer Engagement:

If you surf through service providers’ applications, they generally offer automated chat options where they wish to know the purpose of the visit and if there is anything the representative can help you with.

With such simple questions, they can not only know the purpose of the visit, but they can also create a more personalized engagement with the customers.

Instead of surfing through the whole platform, customers can get assistance from Live Chat. Apart from that, the live chat options can also be used to gather feedback from the customers regarding their experiences or to communicate the offers that customers might be interested in.

So, below are the benefits of integrating Live Chat for Customer Engagement:

Benefits of integrating Live Chat for Customer Engagement:

  • Better customer journey tracking
  • Untampered data collection
  • Gain better insights
  • Genuine Customer feedback

Personalized User Experience:

One of the best ways to use Live Chat for higher sales conversions is to serve it as a personalized product finder. Just like Facebook Chat assistant, Live Chat can be used to know the products that customers want to search for and provide accurate results.

Apart from that, for those platforms that have huge inventory or those that have frequent visitors, Live Chat can also be used to cater personalized feeds to customers based on their previous visits or requests made.

With these personalized offerings, users can get to their desired product or service quickly without any hassle and the app journey for the checkout can also be shortened. Apart from that, Live Chat can also be used for instant purchases based on previous visits.

So, below are the benefits of integrating Live Chat for personalized customer experiences:

Benefits of Integrating Live Chat for Personalized User Experiences:

  • Reduction in the shopping cart abandonment rate
  • Refined product offerings
  • Increased Sales Conversion
  • Personalized product offerings

Marketing Opportunities:

Not only can Live Chat be used to provide personalized product offerings but it can be also used to up-sell or cross-sell to customers based on their product search.

Also, the news about new product launches, and current promotional offers running on different products of offers can be communicated to the customers directly without spoiling their experiences with pop-ups.

The representative can also be assigned to assist the customers as to how they can make the most of their purchases and can reduce the shopping cart abandonment rate with Live Chat.

So, below are the benefits of integrating Live Chat for Marketing Opportunities:

Benefits of integrating Live Chat for marketing purposes:

  • Personalized promotions
  • Cross-selling and up-selling opportunities
  • Offer communication
  • Reduction in shopping cart abandonment rate
  • Reduction in bounce rate
  • Higher conversion chances

Thus, it is evident that not only can Live Chat be beneficial for businesses that are running applications if they are customized and personalized based on the customer expectations, product offerings, and nature of the business, but they can also serve optimum benefits to the business.

While the above observations are still generalized, it is essential that you opt for an expert Technology Service Provider that can offer experienced resources with a wide domain experience to obtain an optimum return on investment.

Improve your customer experience with live chat integration
Ensure Customer Satisfaction by integrating Live Chat into your applications.

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