How to become a successful freelance copywriter and make 6 figures

Tips to Secure a Remunerative Freelance Copywriting Career

If you love to play with words, you can choose to pursue the career of a copywriter seriously. You will be surprised to know that freelance copywriters make more than $1,000,000 per year.

A six-figure salary is everyone’s call. But, not all who aspire to bag a lucrative career in freelance copywriting are successful in accomplishing the end goal.

Do you know why? That’s because they often miss out on abiding by the six rewarding and constructive strategies that will help them climb the ladder of success down the road.

If you are on the same page, with fire in the belly to achieve what you deserve and give your freelance copywriting aspirations the right wings to soar higher, read this blog. This is your gateway to success. Take note of the following tips and never look back.

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Get the hang of persuasive writing

Copywriting and the act of persuasion go hand in hand. You have to mold your words and stances in such a way that they can create that impact on your target audience. The idea is to convert all potential leads to regular customers. Copywriting is a part of marketing where the power of writing plays an important role.

Here are the key persuasive writing tips every freelance copywriter must follow.

  • Know your audience first
  • Be empathetic in your approach
  • Introduce consumer pain points
  • Now, gradually move on to the aspect of the solution
  • Try to wrap up the copy in no more than 10-12 words
  • Include two separate one-liners; one for the pain point and the other for the solution

Come up with eye-catching headlines

As they say, “The first impression is the last impression”, the headline serves the purpose of grabbing users’ attention at the first go. Well, you need to follow a few strategies to make headlines intriguing so that they fit best for your copywriting objectives.

Here’s everything you need to know about ad-friendly headlines.

  • Include the primary keyword in the headline
  • Ask questions. For example, “Need Assignment Help?” or “Looking for the Best Garage Door Mechanics?”
  • Add a dash of healthy humor to the headlines. For example, you may poke a little fun at your rivals as part of a healthy joke.
  • Make sure the humor isn’t vulgar, overly personal, or unethical
  • Include statistics or numbers in your headlines to make them realistic
  • Use simple language instead of complex jargon. Readability plays a crucial role here.
  • Limit your PPC ad headlines to 25 characters
  • Refrain from making false promises or going over the top with your claims

Be careful with landing page copywriting

Landing page copywriting is a tad different from conventional ad copywriting. These are the ones that appear on websites’ landing pages. Mere PPC ads are not the only element to prioritize. No copywriting endeavor is ever complete without honing landing page copywriting skills.

Here are the suggestions that will help you go about the task.

  • Make sure the headline captures readers’ attention and entices them to stay on the page.
  • The longer they stay, the better the chances for your client’s website to secure the coveted inbound traffic.
  • Landing page ad copies must contain a Call to Action as well. For example, “Connect with Us”, “Get in Touch”, “Redeem the Offer”, “Place an Order” and the like.
  • Remember, CTAs get you the conversion, and that is all that would matter in the long run

Look for high-playing clients; no small gigs

Of course, you have to be confident in attracting high-paying clients to sign up for the project with you. There is a difference between being a great writer and a great copywriter.

Take note of the following tricks of the trade and rope in high-end clients to fuel your six-figure freelancing aspirations.

  • Pitch your copywriting ideas on the right platforms, such as Craigslist, Upwork, and Problogger Job Board
  • Brainstorm and map out how to bring fresh leads, close sales, accumulate the required project details, collect advance payment, and deliver work on time
  • Never sound pushy or overly demanding while interacting with the big fishes
  • Ask your client to send the final invoice, in case you are part of large, long-term projects

Remember, high-end clients prefer professionals. So, you have to approach them constructively. Implement each of the aforementioned strategies for favorable outcomes.

Read famous ad copies for reference

Unless you read enough, you cannot gain insights into the nitty-gritty of copywriting. If you want to make a difference and bag lucrative freelance copywriting offers, then you must follow your industry leaders.

Here are some recommendations for you. Check out the cult copywriting examples.

  • Albert Lasker’s “Drink and Orange” ad
Drink an orange - Sunkist advertisement
The California Fruit Growers Exchange hired adman Albert Lasker in 1907 to help them sell more oranges. Source: Medium @_miguelferreira

These are the best ad copies one can refer to for insights. If you want to rise above the regular and make your presence felt as a freelance copywriter, read more of such classic ad copies.

Brand yourself on social media pages

In today’s world, where there are 3.5 billion social media users, you cannot afford to ignore this platform. As discussed in the fourth point, you should target high-end clients to secure remunerative freelance copywriting projects.

Likewise, you should also brand yourself on social media to grab side projects, become an influencer, and add up to your earnings.

Here’s how.

  • Fully update your social media accounts and attach your copywriting works and accolades with precision.
  • Share copywriting content regularly, but never repeat the same content twice.
  • Update your status regularly and post that you are willing to write ad copies on behalf of companies or individuals.
  • Also, make sure that you are keeping your brand voice, tone, conventions, and logos unique and consistent.
  • Not only that, you should post content on social media pages, but you should also share them. Ask your friends and acquaintances to spread the voice as well.

Parting Thoughts

You have to walk that extra mile, put in some genuine effort, and make your presence counted among thousands of other copywriters. According to reports, 8 out of 10 people only read headlines and are interested in getting into the crux of the matter within the shortest period.

So, play your cards right, refer to the tips mentioned above, and grab your six-figure freelance copywriting project like a pro.

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