How can one manage a full-time job and side-hustle by maintaining a work-life balance?

Here are the top side hustle tips

Who says money can’t buy happiness?

Considering the liabilities of an average citizen, money plays an important role.

We all are dreamers. But the question is, what do we do to pursue our dreams?

Most of us end up quitting our dreams and hobbies due to a lack of time and money. Every person has an interest in certain art or sport or simply living life!

I believe you too have such hobbies and interests that keep you motivated. But are you able to fulfill your dreams and live your interests? Along with time management, money is the primary concern for all of us. That is why people are searching for unique ways to earn some extra money.

As per a survey, on average, people spend 13 years and 2 months of their lives at work. Another report concluded after a survey discloses that an average person in Canada spends 5.3 hours a week reading work emails from home.

In this increasing inflation, is a full-time job enough to fulfill all the expenses? As per a report generated by Statista, the inflation rate in 2018 was amounted to approximately 3.64% worldwide as compared to the inflation rate in 2017. As per the same report, it is estimated to amount to 3.62% in the year 2020.

Considering the current market circumstances, a full-time job can be insufficient. Especially for those who have more liabilities and bigger responsibilities. The families where the earning pillars bear all financial responsibilities face economical stress. In such cases, a side business or a side hustle can be a savior.

What is side hustle?

Side hustle sounds like a term that supports your expenses. But it is much more vital than it looks. A side hustle is a way to earn some extra cash. A side hustle is often a work that people are passionate about. Turning your hobbies and interests into a side business can offer you some supplemental income.

Side hustle benefits:

There is a long list of side hustle benefits. That is why most of the youngsters are considering it. As per a report generated by UNC, 35% of millennials are involved in a side hustle.

  • You can fulfill your long lost dreams with that extra income
  • You can turn your passion into a strong income source
  • The recession won’t bother you
  • You can start saving and investing for a better future
  • It plays the role of a test drive before becoming a full-time business person
  • Allows flexibility in work
  • Requires small capital funding

Side hustle tips:

There are numerous ways you can showcase your talent to the world and earn a handsome amount. Side income can be in the form of freelancing, catering, performing (music & dance), or even dog walking! Let us see some tips to become a successful side hustler:

  1. With the immensely commendable technological growth, we have multiple platforms that can help us with the side hustle. Social media can be a great help to promote your side businesses and attract potential prospects.
  2. Keep experimenting. The side hustle has proved to be the first stage of large-scale businesses. It will let you understand the market trends, market requirements, buyer’s personas, and other essential business ethics. Keep learning and exploring as the side hustle is on a small scale, causing no big harm in the case of failures.
  3. Start blogging or vlogging. Marketing your skills can be done through social media. Another way to do is vlogging or blogging. It allows you to showcase your ruminative knowledge about the work. Inbound marketing always works!
  4. Pay complete attention to your full-time job. Treat your job as an investor for your side hustle. Make sure your side hustle does not have a negative impact on your primary job.
  5. Add creativity. There might be entrepreneurs working for a full time in the same sector. What do you do to stand out from such huge competition? Adding creativity in the hustle can decrease the “hustle” and help you create a better reputation.

Different types of side hustles:

Freelance writer

If you feel you have the capability of expressing emotions and thoughts in a unique way that generates interest in the minds of readers, you can try freelance writing as a side hustle. The number of content on the internet has increased at a huge rate in the past decade. People enjoy reading interesting stuff and water their knowledge.


Did you know that Salvator Mundi by Leonardo da Vinci is the most expensive painting ever sold as of the year 2019 ($453 million)? If you have that passion for art pieces, you can try selling your best art pieces online.


Food selling never gets old! There are more than 1 million restaurants in the US! Give your culinary arts a shot and fill some tummies. People will never get bored with eating tasty food.

Become a YouTuber!

YouTube is the world’s most used video-sharing service. YouTube pays to the monetized videos. Make sure your videos get enough views and your channel gets enough subscribers. You can add travel videos, recipe videos, tutorial videos, and even craft your scripts.

Seasonal business

How about crafting beautiful home decor stuff during Christmas? A seasonal side hustle gives you enough time to prepare and research. Working hard for a small period can offer you a handsome amount of money.

Freelancing in the Information Technology world
Freelancing in the Information Technology world

How to manage a full-time job and side hustle by maintaining the work-life balance?

Along with side hustle benefits, there come a few cons too. The most common problem faced by side hustlers is the inability to maintain a work-life balance. Many tend to skip sleep or meals to manage their works. Work-life balance means living your life to the fullest and spending time with your loved ones along with handling workloads.

Let us see some side hustle tips that will help you maintain work-life balance:

Get organized

Discipline is mandatory in everything you do. Most of the hustlers fail to balance work-life due to poor organization. List your priorities and set tiny goals for each day. Make a to-do list every morning and try to finish it by the end of the day. It will help you manage your work hours.


A side hustle does not mean doing everything all by yourself. (you can do that if you wish to gain experience). I recommend outsourcing some part of the work to other buddy hustlers. In this way, you can bring down the work burdens and take out some time to chill.

Take work offs

Money can put you into a trance. Hence, make sure you take a day off every week and spend quality time with your loved ones. It will also keep you healthy physically as well as mentally.

Learn to say No

As the hustle grows, the workload increases. If you feel that you are extending your capabilities too much, you can always say no to your work. This is one of the best side hustle benefits that you get to decide when to work and for what duration.

I believe every person has a dream and passion for certain things. Do not let your economical problems ruin your dreams and hobbies.

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