How is outsourcing entire departments helping with the escalation of startups?

Outsource In Startups

Starting a business is anything but easy. Start-ups and small businesses come with a lot of responsibilities and limited funds. Now, most successful start-ups see quick scale-up options.

The lack of a workforce and limited resources often limit their growth. The smarter way to deal with the increasing cost of services and business operations is by outsourcing certain tasks.

There are multiple start-ups worldwide, which outsource entire departments to other specialized agencies that can provide highly professional services. Here are the three most common areas where outsourcing is common among all start-ups, SMBs, and even multi-national corporations.

Content marketing

In the digital age, every notable company has a website. Now, a site cannot be complete without great content. Great content needs detailed know-how of keyword trends, Google search trends, and SEO. Content marketing is a hyper-competitive niche. Without a dedicated content team, your website is as good as non-existent.

Therefore, you can get your in-house team the development of exciting and traffic-attracting content. This comes with recruitment costs, training costs, and dedicated maintenance costs. However, if you go with a team that has a few years worth of experience in creating content for some companies, you have the chance to get better services at reduced prices. This bypasses the need for training costs and maintenance costs.

Accounting services

This is undoubtedly one of the most boring aspects of any business operation, but at the same time, it is also necessary. Having an on-site accounting team requires recruiting costs, space, and resources for maintenance. It always helps to outsource the accounting work to a trained accountant who provides freelance or part-time accounting services.

You do not have to pay for training costs or recruitment costs and you do not have to worry about providing the perks of full-time employment. Simultaneously, outsourced bookkeeping services enable you to keep an eye on business finances and know where your company is headed.

Website design, CRM maintenance

Website design requires special skills, years of training, and a keen eye for details. Almost all companies now have a team of IT specialists and engineers who know how to code. They do not have a trained professional who has the coding skills of a programmer and the eyes of an artist.

In fact, maintaining an in-house team of website designers is not practical since designing a website is once in a 3-4 year deal. You may need occasional maintenance, but that does not justify a monthly salary for a team of 4-5 designers from the company coffers. Instead, hiring a one-time team of highly trained, renowned professionals can be the solution to all your budget and design problems.

Outsourcing can scare first-timers. It can seem like relinquishing control of some of the most critical aspects of your business. Nonetheless, it would help if you remembered that small companies and start-ups may have the talent to fulfill all the skill requirements, but they do not have the financial resources or the time to support all the requisites’ scale-up. This is why outsourcing plays an indispensable role in the escalation of business operations.

Author Bio: Christina Frank is a digital entrepreneurship expert. Her comparative study of some of the country’s leading outsourced bookkeeping services has shed new light on the relationship between business profits, investments/expenses, and growth among new startups in the USA.

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